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The Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) Spring Split has been announced by Psyonix and it begins as early as next week.

The final split of the season also sees the return of the single round-robin system, which was primarily used in seasons two through nine. Comparatively, this was before the RLCS received a major overhaul for season X. Twenty teams will enter the league in four groups of five, and only the fifth-place finisher will be eliminated. As a result, the other sixteen teams will move on to a double-elimination bracket. From this, only eight will move on to the final day for a single-elimination bracket.

The RLCSX Spring Split brings familiar formats

The third split of the season brings along its third format. Ideally, with round-robin brought back into the mix, the RLCS might get a more familiar feel to it, albeit slightly altered. Ten teams used to compete throughout an entire season. However, they are now split into groups and get an extra round in the double-elimination tournament.

Broken down, it looks as such:

  • Every regional brings four days of Rocket League action
  • Day 0 and Day 1: 20 teams and four group in the round-robin stage, with fifth place finishers eliminated
  • On Day 2, 16 surviving teams in a double-elimination bracket
  • Day 3 will be Championship Sunday: eight remaining teams will battle for first place in a single-elimination tournament

With so many matches happening, Psyonix calls upon organizations and casters to stream their own matches on day 0. Coincidentally, this is much like The Grid—the smaller RLCS league that runs parallel to the main split, which is also receiving an upgrade.

While the new Spring Split is similar to the format of older RLCS seasons, the new Grid is precisely the same. Sixteen teams will enter a single round-robin league play system that moves into a page playoff. The winner of The Grid will receive a wildcard placement for the spring major. These events happen in the off-weeks for each region.

The dates

The first RLCSX Spring Split regional event begins in Europe on March 11. The split is set to run throughout March and April, with the Spring Majors happening in May. Furthermore, the Spring Majors will not only conclude the Spring Split, but they will also finish off the regular season. After that, all points will be set in stone. At this point, it will be clear who will go to the world championships later this year. Matches from day one and onward will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.


  • First Regional Event #1: 11 a.m. ET – March 11, 12, 13 and 14
  • Second Regional Event #2: 11 a.m. ET – March 25, 26, 27 and 28
  • Third Regional Event #3: 11 a.m. ET – April 15, 16, 17 and 18
  • Major: 11 a.m. ET – May 15 and 16

North America

  • First Regional Event #1: 1 p.m. ET – March 18, 19, 20 and 21
  • Second Regional Event #2: 1 p.m. ET – April 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Third Regional Event #3: 1 p.m. ET – April 22, 23, 24 and 25
  • Major: 1 p.m. ET – May 22 and 23