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NRG began the Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) NA Spring Regional impressively, finishing the group stage with a 3-1 record and becoming the first North American team to clinch a spot for the RLCSX World Championships later this year.

Even before day one officially began, NRG had secured their spot for Worlds. The group stage is divided over two days, with the first day only broadcasted on the respective organizations’ Twitch channels. A 3-0 record on “day 0” was enough for a spot among the top-16, enough to clinch the Worlds spot. It means Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon’s tenth straight world championship qualification, making him the only player who has managed to make it to every single Worlds.

RLCSX NA Spring Regional 2 Day 1 results

NRG might be the one stealing the show in the RLCSX Spring Split. Going 12-0 in The Grid — which runs alongside the regular season– and 3-1 in the group stage, they were not the only team to have played. 19 other teams played through the group stage, four of which were eliminated. But it was more about surviving the group stage. The top-2 teams in each of the four groups move on to the double-elimination bracket in the upper bracket on day two.

G2 Esports had an impressive showing after Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo’s retirement. The team will finish the season with their substitute player, Andres “Dreaz” Jordan, and promptly won their group with a 4-0 record, including a 3-1 win versus NRG.

SpaceStation Gaming, one of the four teams capable of clinching an RLCSX Worlds spot this weekend, had a strong group stage as well.  They went 4-0 and beat title-holders Rogue with a 3-1 scoreline. They also swept FaZe and in the process allowed them just a single goal in the entire series. Qualifying for Worlds is not in their hands, however. Things will have to go their way between several others teams close to them in the rankings in order to qualify this weekend.

Rogue will have to reach this RLCSX Regional’s grand final in order to qualify for Worlds. But their group stage was far from ideal. With a 2-2 record, they finished third and enter the knockout stage in the lower bracket. Here they will face eUnited, who have had a disappointing season. The series following that they will face either Stromboli or G2 Esports.

The final team that can qualify for RLCSX Worlds is Team Envy. With a 3-1 and first-place finish in the group stage, they’re on track to clinch that Worlds spot. But they will have to fight through the in-form FaZe, followed by whoever awaits them on Sunday in the first round. If they do end up reaching the final four, they will clinch Worlds. This will allow Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver will try to claim his fifth world championship title.

RLCSX NA Spring Regional 2 day 1 results
Image credit: Liquipedia

The RLCSX NA Spring Regional 2 knockout stage begins on Saturday, April 10. The top-16 North American RLCSX teams will battle to make it to the single-elimination stage on Championship Sunday. Every team currently in the top-six made it to the knockout gauntlet, so the competition is set to be fierce.