RLCSX EU top six is taking shape after Spring Regional 3 Day 2
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RLCSX EU top six is taking shape after Spring Regional 3 Day 2

The RLCSX EU Spring Regional 3 is reaching its conclusion.

The RLCSX EU Spring Regional 3 is in full swing, and after the second day of competition, several teams are officially out of contention for the top-six. Both Dignitas and Vodafone Giants miss out on competing in the season’s conclusion later this year.

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While the RLCSX World Championships were canceled this year, the tenth season is still not over. In the last regional event in Europe, several teams are still fighting for a top-six spot that would see them go to the RLCSX Championships, the online substitute for Worlds. After day two of the final EU regional, several teams have increased their chance to qualify for the culmination of the season. Meanwhile, other favorites saw the $400K final tournament slip through their fingers.

AcroniK brings joy to a disappointing end of RLCSX

The news that the RLCSX World Championships were canceled was a hit to the community’s enthusiasm and the players’ motivation. But not so much for BS+Competition’s Bruno Alexandre “AcroniK” dos Santos Lopes. The debutant joined veterans Sandro “FreaKii” Holzwarth and Leon “Godsmilla” Mares to form “Godsmilla’s team.” Recently picked up by BS+Competition, the team has made waves in the RLCSX EU Spring Split, and AcroniK went from nobody to mechanical monster.

In their first and only series of the day, AcroniK and company knocked favorites Solary down into the lower bracket to qualify for Championship Sunday. AcroniK dominated the series. But FreaKii and Godsmilla both played hard, proving their previous benchings only helped their motivation. With a goal reminiscent of Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon’s miracular play back in RLCS Season 5, AcroniK proved he is here to stay. And while BS+Competition cannot make it to the RLCSX Championships, AcroniK has put himself on the map as a player to be reckoned with.

Favorites miss out on the season’s conclusion

The European RLCSX features several high-level teams. Inevitably some favorites would miss out on top six. Vodafone Giants fell first. They had several disappointing regional events after a promising start to the season. Losing out on the Spring Major — the final event of the EU regular season — the team will not be able to gather enough points to qualify for the RLCS Championships. If bubble team Atlantide Waves — who made it to Championship Sunday by beating Solary — win this regional in a grand final versus Aether, they can still make it, but those odds are negligible.

Similarly, Dignitas has had disappointing results in the RLCSX EU Spring Regionals since signing Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton. Their hopes of making the Championships shattered after an intense battle with Galaxy Racer (3-2 loss with an overtime loss in game five).

Europe’s top six is slowly taking shape. Top Blokes was the third team to clinch a spot. Guild Esports, Team Queso and Solary will likely claim the final three spots. Galaxy Racer still has an outside shot going into day three of Spring Regional 3, but they will have to continue to perform in both this tournament and the RLCSX Spring Major in order to push one of the others out.

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