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The Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) EU Spring Regional One has concluded its first day. 16 teams remain, eight of which will play in the lower bracket of the double-elimination phase on day two.

With 20 teams going into the first RLCSX EU Spring Regional and only four getting eliminated, there was not a lot of room for upsets. The four-group round-robin phase allowed the favorites to gather their wits and fix any missteps they might take. It is no surprise then, that all the favorites are moving on to day two, with most of them qualifying for the upper bracket.

RLCSX EU Spring Regional One is going as expected so far

Only the fifth-place finisher dropped from the tournament, thanks to the four groups of five teams. The top two of each group are moving on to the upper bracket on day two, while third and fourth-place will play in the losers’ bracket. And with the exception of Dignitas–who ended in third-place after getting swept 3-0 with a 12-1 goal difference by underdogs Rixx.GG–all other favorites made it to the upper bracket.

The upper bracket teams will require just a single series win to qualify for the single-elimination phase on day three. The lower bracket teams will need to win two, including one win against the losing upper bracket team.

The brackets are now set in stone and the match-ups look promising indeed. The standout team of day one was, as usual, Team BDS. They are the only team across all regions to have secured an RLCSX World Championships spot already. BDS are also the only team to go 4-0 across all groups. Interestingly, they took part in a 12-minute and 15-minute overtime in their last two series. Check out all upcoming matches below.

Source: Liquipedia

The European RLCSX Spring Regional continues on Saturday on Twitch and Youtube, where eight more teams will be eliminated. On Sunday, a champion will be crowned.