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A controversial call by the admins in the Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) caused the community to scratch their heads in frustration. Despite winning their fourth regional title during the RLCSX Lamborghini Open, Team Envy was not the sole focus of the post-day discussion.

In the semifinals between SpaceStation Gaming and Team Envy, Game 3 ended 2-2, resulting in overtime. This was while the series was still at a 1-1 score. The winner would take the lead by scoring the next goal. However, as the overtime began, SSG’s Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin disconnected and Team Envy scored five seconds later. Despite SSG informing the RLCSX admins and asking for a restart, the official ruling was that Sypical was not in a position to make a play on the ball. The goal stood and Team Envy took the lead in the series, ultimately winning it in Game 7.

Emotional outbursts across the RLCSX community

Several seconds before the series concluded, SpaceStation Gaming player Slater “Retals” Thomas left the game. As a result, Pysonix fined Retals. Almost immediately afterward, Retals joined Susquehanna Soniqs player Raul “Roll Dizz” Diaz on his livestream to vent about the decision.

“I’m calling Scheist an idiot for fining me,” Retals said. “We have Syp’s Shadowplay, we have our comms, Syp’s saying ‘I can’t move’, the replay shows him going to 180 ping and packet losing. Psyonix then says that we do not have proof that Syp was lagging.”

Retals then quickly rescinded his statements with an apology on Reddit to Psyonix’s Esports Manager of Operations Murty “Scheist” Shah, as well as the rest of the Psyonix team. He stated that he let his emotions get the best of him. Additionally, he said he isn’t proud of his reaction. Retals and his team are setting their sights ahead to the conclusion of the RLCSX.

Moving forward

SpaceStation Gaming Co-owner & Builder Shawn “Unit” Pellerin remains calm now that the dust has settled.

“The team wants to just move on from this Regional and situation as a whole and full focus on the Major coming up in May,” Unit said. “Obviously, we were not thrilled about the outcome it had on the series and how it was handled but we will remain positive going into the Major and RLCSX Championship. I’ve spoken to Psyonix about the situation and have worked with them closely for years. I know they have the players’ best interest at heart and I trust they will always ensure competitive integrity is being upheld for their series.”

The community is understanding of SSG’s frustration. Many professional players and content creators tweeted about the strange call. The official ruling was heavily criticized and many spoke out in support of SpaceStation Gaming. Despite this, Team Envy had already moved on to the grand final.

Update: Psyonix has issued a statement where they have made two competitive rulings on the matter. Due to his behavior, Retals has been given a one-day competitive ban. This means he will not be able to play on the first day of the RLCSX NA Spring Major in May. SpaceStation Gaming will have to play with the formerly-retired and substitute player, Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann.

Additionally, Psyonix acknowledged that they made the wrong call at the time and have awarded SpaceStation Gaming an additional 70 points, or the equivalent of reaching the grand final. Psyonix also plans to reevaluate its player/team dispute protocol to improve how such situations are dealt with.

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