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RLCS7 continues

We’ve passed the halfway mark at the RLCS7 World Championship and there’s just one day left. The group stage is over and we know our eight quarter finalists. While there were no truly big upsets, we did get some unexpected results in the group stage. If you missed day one, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you did catch day two and simply want to watch the amazing goals again, we put those together for you as well! But if you want to know the outcomes, then you’re in the right place!

Game 1: NRG – PSG: 3-1

The game started off with PSG’s first match of the weekend. It was an excellent beginning of day two with an incredible pace. PSG didn’t seem to be able to keep up with NRG’s solid rotations and mechanics, however, and fell in game four. NRG looked much better than on day one. If they keep this up, they can make a good run in the knockouts.

Game 2: Renault Vitality – G2 Esports: 1-3

G2 Esports was the other team that didn’t play on day one. While Renault Vitality made fairly quick work of Ground Zero the day before, they were extremely lackluster on day two. Combined with G2’s incredible form, they were completely overwhelmed. Based on game and goal differential, however, RV did manage to qualify for the knockout phase, but it wasn’t smooth. G2, on the other hand, have risen to favorite potential.

Game 3: Rogue – Renegades: 3-1

No one could have seen Rogue’s performances coming. They went from being predicted to be in the relegation zone before the season started to topping their group at the RLCS World Championship. Beating Renegades saw them win all their group stage matches and reach day three on the more favorable side of the bracket. They only needed to win two individual games to qualify, which meant Renegades were already eliminated before the series ended. They were the first team to be eliminated, but more would follow soon.

Game 4: Lowkey – Triple Trouble: 0-3

A game of big implications, as the winner would qualify for the knockouts. Many were hoping South America would be able to make a good run in their debut season, but Triple Trouble had other ideas. The European debutants went down 3-0 in the first game but made an amazing comeback to win the game 3-4. They continued that momentum in the rest of the series and made Lowkey the second casualty of RLCS.

Game 5: PSG – INTZ: 3-0

Teams were dropping like flies in RLCS7, which makes sense when you reach the end of the group stage. This time, it was INTZ, the second South American team, to be sent home by a European powerhouse. While they both still played for qualification for day three, PSG had no trouble with INTZ and eliminated South America from the tournament.

Game 6: Ground Zero – G2 Esports: 1-3

The only way for Ground Zero to make the knockouts was to beat G2 without allowing them to win two games. But even with a 3-1 score, goal differential would be the decider. That small sliver of hope was destroyed when G2 won their second game and qualified for day three. With GZ’s elimination, both OCE and SAM are out, and only North America and Europe are left in the tournament.

Image courtesy of Liquipedia.

The group stage was a first for the RLCS, and it’s been met with a fair bit of criticism. On several occasions a team was eliminated before the series was over. A fair criticism, but with 12 teams it’s simply not feasible to do a double elimination bracket. With the group’s results, it does mean that we’ll be seeing a very strong side of the bracket, where favorites will be eliminating each other. The results also mean that every matchup in the quarter finals is a cross-region match. An entire region could be eliminated directly in the first round on day three. And with North America’s excellent record (8-0), Europe has its work cut out for it.

RLCS7 World Championship Day 2 Recap

Don’t miss the conclusion of RLCS7 today at 9 a.m. EST / 12 p.m. PDT / 18:00 CEST on Twitch and YouTube!

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