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Day three of the Rocket League World Championship Series season 7 (RLCS7) has ended and we’ve crowned Renault Vitality as our new Rocket League world champions. Out of all the action, here are our picks for the best goals of the day.

Chausette45 – PSG Esports vs. G2 Esports

Team PSG was struggling to work as a team throughout this series, but there were some moments of magic. After Dillon Rizzo Rizzo cleared the ball, Victor Ferra Francal threw it straight back into the air. Ferra then lightly knocked it down for Thibault Chausette45 Grzesiak to fire at the goal between all three of the G2 defenders.

Jknaps – Rogue vs. G2 Esports

A 50-50 in front of Rogue’s goal shot the ball to the side wall. This bounced back in field and arced over the Rogue net. Jacob JKnaps Knapman air-rolled and rotated in the air to find the perfect touch and drop the ball down over all three Rogue defenders.

Wonder – Rogue vs. Triple Trouble

Nicholas “Wonder” Blackerby couldn’t have asked for a better debut LAN. Austin AyyJayy Aebi set him up by carrying the ball over the Triple Trouble offense and then passed it aside. Wonder then took the ball off the wall and double tapped it over the final Triple Trouble defender.

AyyJayy – Rogue vs. Triple Trouble

AyyJayy also didn’t disappoint on in his debut performance. Cameron “Kronovi” Bills picked up the ball in defense and immediately chipped it up. AyyJayy air-rolled 360 degrees to set himself up a backboard double touch and then 360 air-rolled once more to strike the ball down over Triple Trouble.

Ronaky – Rogue vs. Triple Trouble

In this tournament, Triple Trouble showed time and time again that they can create quality passing plays. Andy “Kassio” Landais found the ball on the wall and passed it in field. At full stretch on the right of the pitch, Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic shot the ball into the far left side of the goal – behind all three rogue defenders.

Kaydop – NRG Esports vs. Renault Vitality

After conceding, Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson followed the ball on kickoff to take it up to the ceiling. He knocked this down to Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant who then played the ball past two NRG defenders to tie the RLCS7 game.

Alpha54 – Cloud9 vs. FC Barcalona

Starting from the FC Barcalona defense, Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois hit the ball high up the wall. Dan “Bluey” Bluett met the ball mid-air to strike it downfield. He then followed it by boosting to double tap the ball over Jesus “Gimmick” Parra. The ball was slowly rolling in but Cloud9 defenders were already rushing back. Alpha54 then slammed the ball on the goal line to confirm it.

Squishy – Cloud9 vs. FC Barcalona

It seems that at every RLCS, Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda finds a new way to push the art of mid-air striking to another level. After Gimmick popped the ball up, Squishy, unfortunately, shot the ball to the left. Instead of giving up, he followed up by rotating himself mid-air, to double tap the ball and find the goal.

Deevo – Cloud9 vs. FC Barcalona

After a 50-50 in the Cloud9 defensive corner, the ball floated into the midfield. David “Deevo” Morrow rose up to strike the ball full force off the backboard. He then boosted down at full speed to follow up with a classic “Deevo double tap.”

Rizzo – G2 Esports vs. Renault Vitality

Renault Vitality’s defense was great for the most part, but at times they were saving the ball straight back to G2 players. In this shot, Reed “Chicago” Wilen received the ball from a poor RV clearance and passed it forward. Rizzo turned onto the ball and fired it to the bottom corner at 87 mph (140kph).

Scrub Killa – G2 Esports vs Renault Vitality

The game is not over until the ball touches the ground, especially when so much is on the line at RLCS7. After 0 seconds, G2 cleared the ball, but Victor “Fairy Peak” Locquet was not willing to give up. He caught the ball in the midfield and then carried the ball over two G2 defenders. Kaydop jumped in to tap the ball over the final G2 defender. Scrub Killa then followed up by striking the backboard bounce into the top left corner.

The RLCS7 day three stream will be available to watch on demand on the Rocket League Twitch Channel. You can also check our RLCS7 day two goal highlights and our full recap of day three.

Further Rocket League action is coming our way in just two weeks. The majority of the teams we’ve seen this weekend will be competing in DreamHack ProCircuit Valencia 2019. We’re also hoping to hear from Psyonix or Epic Games very soon for the next RLCS date and location.