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Day two of the Rocket League World Championship Series Season 7 (RLCS7) just came to a close, bringing an end to the group qualifying stages. Out of all the action, here are our picks for the best goals of the day.


After a shaky RLCS7 day one performance, NRG came out all guns blazing to show us how they maintain the North American Regional Champion title. Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon slamed the ball into the wall to beat Victor “Ferra” Francal. This bounced upwards for an aerial chance that Justin “jstn” Morales finished in style with a well-placed backboard double touch.

Rocket League RLCS7 JSTN NRG Esports
JSTN celebrates an NRG victory by spinning in front of the RLCS7 trophy.

Chausette45 – PSG vs. NRG

With PSG’s RLCS series lives on the line, Emil “Fruity” Moselund passed the ball directly to Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak in front of the NRG goal. Chausette45 redirected the ball at point-blank range to beat GarrettG on the goal line.

Scrub Killa – G2 Esports vs. Renault Vitality

Starting from the Vitality back corner, Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson showed us his great 1v1 mechanical ability to carry the ball over two G2 defenders. The ball was then centered in front of the G2 goal after Victor “Fairy Peak” Locquet challenged the ball. Scrub Killa then returned to the play to finish the counterattack that he started.

Jknaps – G2 Esports vs. Renault Vitality

G2 Esports played an intense game four against Renault Vitality and stole the game in the final seconds with a three-man teamplay. A soft touch from Reed “Chicago” Wilen dropped the ball to Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo, who then set up a perfect backboard chance for Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman to place in the top corner.

Rocket League RLCS7 Stadium Wave
A packed crowd performs a full-circle standing wave with their mobile flashlights.

Kamii – Rogue vs. Renegades

From the Renegades corner, Daniel “Torsos” Parsons collected full boost and then began a high air-dribble over two Rogue defenders. Then he used a flip reset to beat the third Rogue defender and pass the ball off the backboard. This provided Cameron “Kamii” Ingram with a close-range shot on an empty net.

Kronovi – Rogue vs. Renegades

While backed into his own corner, Austin “AyyJayy” Aebi made a perfect touch and fired off a downfield pass to find Cameron “Kronovi” Bills. The long pass was redirected at the last second by Kronovi to beat the final Renegades defender in the closing seconds of the series. The Rocket League World Championship Series One champion is back in action!

Tadpole – Lowkey Esports vs. Triple Trouble

The Triple Trouble team definitely knows how to strike its shots with power. From the kickoff, Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic provided a great infield pass to Euan “Tadpole” Ingram, who then blasted the ball from the halfway line to the top corner of the Lowkey goal.

Rocket League Esports RLCS7 Triple Trouble
Triple Trouble, an unsigned Rocket League team, celebrates reaching day three of the RLCS7.

Repi – PSG vs. INTZ

After a poor clearance from Ferra, on the PSG backboard, Felipe “Repi” Pereira Chaves didn’t hesitate to punish PSG. He boosted to the height of the arena to then strike the ball crossbar and down.

Chicago – Ground Zero Gaming vs. G2 Esports

Jknaps began his setup with a hard-hitting challenge on Tom “Julz” Jullienne to win possession. He then lightly passed the ball into open space. Chicago struck into the top corner of the Ground Zero goal with perfect precision.

At the end of day two, we had to say goodbye to some great teams. Day three of the Rocket League world championship begins tomorrow with the quarterfinals, where each series is a Europe vs. North America fixture.

You can catch all the action over on the Rocket League Twitch channel. Stay tuned for our best goals of RLCS7 day three highlights. If you missed RLCS7 day one, you can check our day one goal highlights and our day one results recap.

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