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The RLCS X Fall Split is well underway, with the second European regional final happening this weekend. Team BDS somewhat surprisingly won the first and is looking to defend the throne and take home another hefty chunk of points to qualify for the upcoming major. Psyonix has now finally shared the details on when the Fall Majors are held and how it’ll work.

How will the RLCS X Fall Major work?

Of course, there will not be a LAN tournament. Hopefully, we’ll see the Winter and Spring Split majors in person, but for now, the majors will be done online. The top 16 teams with the most points scored throughout the Fall Split will qualify for their regional major. Here, they will not only battle for the lion’s share of the prize money but also score double the amount of points in order to qualify for the RLCS X World Championship. The total $250,000 prize pool has been split per region, with $100K each for Europe and North America and $25K each for Oceania and South America.

Like the regional events, the major will employ a Swiss-style tournament. But whereas the regionals feature 32 teams, the major only takes half that. What you’ll see this weekend in the European RLCS is exactly what will be done at the Fall majors.


Oceania and South America will be held during the first two weekends of October respectively, on the 10th, 11th, 16th, and 23rd. The European and North American majors will be sharing the other two weekends, with day one for each region held on October 17 and 18 respectively, and day two on October 24 and 25. RLCS X is quickly proving to be a successful project, so you absolutely do not want to miss the culmination of the first split. In fact, you don’t even want to miss this weekend. It’s all lined up for some major upsets, with some of the favorite teams already eliminated last week.

Will another underdog manage to outdo the titans, or are the big boys finally catching up?