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With roster lock behind us and DreamHack Montreal and RLCS ahead, it’s time to wrap up the Rocket League announcements. The summer has been chaotic during the off-season, and some expected and unexpected roster moves happened over the last few months. Starting with the latest announcements, we’ll round off with a list of all the teams to look forward to in RLCS Season 8.

Team Reciprocity enters RLCS by signing ex-PSG

When the PSG roster announced that they had left the organization, many brows were raised. The team was doing well, had recently won a major, and played for a respectably sized org. Yet for some reason, the players themselves decided to depart PSG and search for greener grass. Now, several weeks later, they seem to have found it at Team Reciprocity. The relatively new organization has been working hard to sign top teams in multiple esports, and Rocket League is their latest expansion.

Mousesports signs The Bricks

Former Flipsid3 Tactics team The Bricks had been without an organization for months after their departure from the former and played an entire RLCS season without one. With Linus “Al0t” Möllergren’s addition to the roster for the last few majors, it seemed obvious that he’d take Mouz with him to his new team, but the announcement just wouldn’t come. Until now. Just a day before DreamHack Montreal kicks off, Mouz decided an announcement was in order and closes off a long chapter of the org-less Bricks.

Fireburner joins Cloud9 as coach

Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez retired in June to focus on content creation and coaching. He left NRG to make space for Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver, but it wasn’t an uncommon theory that he’d stay with NRG to become their coach. Now, it turns out, it’s Cloud9 who runs away with his experience and insight. The RLCS Season 6 world champions have never had a coach before, but with the growing trend, it looks like C9 is on the verge of becoming even more dangerous.

The RLCS roster shuffle round-up

With everything done and dusted, season eight will be the first since season five where every European team is playing for an organization. Only North America still has two unsigned teams with The Peeps and Birds and the Beez, but who knows? We still have a while to go before the season begins. With all teams now locked in, however, let’s take a look at who exactly will be playing in RLCS Season 8:

North America

  • Cloud9: Gimmick, Squishy, Torment
  • NRG: GarrettG, Jstn, Turbopolsa
  • G2 Esports: Rizzo, Jknaps, Chicago
  • Ghost Gaming: Memory, Allushin, Atomic (unconfirmed, but will play at DH Montreal)
  • Rogue: Wonder, Ayyjayy, Kronovi
  • SpaceStationGaming: Sypical, AxB, Arsenal
  • The Peeps: ExplosiveGyro, Retals, mist
  • Birds and the Beez: hockser, Roll Dizz, Ayjacks


  • Renault Vitality: Fairy Peak, Scrub Killa, Kaydop
  • TSM: Remkoe, Metsanauris, Alpha54
  • FC Barcelona: Deevo, Bluey, Ronaky
  • Complexity: Mognus, gReazymeister, Flakes
  • Dignitas: ViolentPanda, Yukeo, AztraL
  • Mousesports: Kuxir97, Speed, Al0t
  • Team Reciprocity: Ferra, Chausette45, fruity
  • Veloce (replacing Triple Trouble): FlamE, FreaKii, Kassio

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