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An exciting announcement

Coming off the massively successful season five finals in London last June, Psyonix officially announced season six for the Rocket League Championship Series. While the announcement for the biggest professional Rocket League tournament doesn’t come as a surprise, its prize pool certainly does.

Rocket League esports was growing at a steady pace in its infancy but recently slowed down a bit. The money increased with every tournament, but at a rate that left much to be desired. Until now.
Where season five had a total prize pool of $500,000, season six doubles that to a whopping $1,000,000. RLRS, the second division league, followed suit and doubled its prize pool to $100K. A pretty good motivator for up-and-coming coming players that want to prove themselves and earn their way into RLCS!

Improvements to RLCS incoming?

Rocket League is shaping up to be a popular esport, and Psyonix is listening to feedback. While nothing else is confirmed, a cryptic (and excited) tweet by professional player ‘Paschy90’ might hint improvements are coming. Paschy is particularly vocal about his desires for the game and its professional scene, so his excitement is not to be taken lightly. Examples of requested features are customisation items to show fans’ support for organisations, and easier ways to follow the professional scene in-game.

Psyonix stated that they’ve heard the feedback, so it’s only a matter of time before they make some much-needed improvements. This prize pool is an excellent first step to being taken more seriously.

Further information about season six and its prize money division will be revealed soon. Until then, you have time to prepare your RLRS team. Sign-ups for the qualifiers begin June 24th! If you want to catch up to the RLCS–and trust me, you want to–you can find all matches on the Rocket League Esports YouTube channel.