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RLCS Season 6 World Championships Day 1 Recap

The Rocket League World Championship kicked off today in Las Vegas with four teams from Europe, four from North America, and two from Oceania. The first six series in the double-elimination bracket were played on the first day, and what a first day it was. For the first time in any Rocket League esports broadcast ever, every single series went all the way to game five! Let’s have a look at the RLCS matches. Do you want to read about the teams first? I got you covered in a beginners guide.

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Tournament structure

  • Double elimination
  • Best-of-5
  • Winners, losers, and grand final are best-of-7

Match 1: Evil Geniuses (NA) vs. Tainted Minds (OCE)

With OCE showing up more and more, many expected Tainted Minds, OCE’s first seed, to take the win over NA’s fourth seed, EG. But EG is continuously underestimated and took the win after five games. It wasn’t easy though; that much was clear. After three games, TM was on match point. That’s when EG woke up and shut TM out for the rest of the series, winning 2-0 and 4-0 in the following two games to move on to the next round, where EU titan Dignitas awaits.

Final score: 3-2

Match 2: PSG (EU) vs. Chiefs Esports (OCE)

In Europe, seeding almost doesn’t matter. The skill gap is so close that no matter who you play, it’ll be a tough opponent. So too knew Chiefs, OCE’s second seed. They went down 2-0 in games and put PSG on match point. But Chiefs wouldn’t just roll over. They would take this win, no matter what it took. It took a reverse sweep and overtime in every single game, but Chiefs pulled it off. They won the remaining three games 2-1, 2-1, and 1-0 after tense overtimes, sending PSG to the lower bracket. For Chiefs, NA’s first seed NRG awaits them in the next round.

Final score: 2-3

Match 3: G2 Esports (NA) vs. Flipsid3 Tactics (EU)

This was, perhaps, the most awaited series of the day. Legends Cameron “Kronovi” Bills (G2) and Francesco “Kuxir97” Cinquemani (F3) last faced each other on an RLCS stage in the season 1 grand final all the way back in 2016. While their teammates are no longer the same as back then, it was still a rematch many were eager to see.

Of course, it had to go the distance. Wins went back and forth, but F3 was on match point after game three. The games were close, the goal difference mostly just one. When G2 forced a game five, however, F3 remained focused and closed out the series with a 2-1 win. They move on to the upper semi-final and will face the winner of Dignitas – Evil Geniuses. G2 is sent to face PSG in the lower bracket.

Final score: 2-3

Match 4: We Dem Girlz (EU) vs. Cloud9 (NA)

A clash of titans. C9 is considered to be the best in North America, while WDG is thought to be one of the EU favorites for the title if Dignitas somehow doesn’t take it. WDG started strong and won the first game, but then started collapsing. They lost the following two games 4-1 and 5-0. C9 looked awake and ready to finish the series. But WDG decided otherwise. With close wins in game four and five, they managed to send both crowd and title favorites to the lower bracket to face Tainted Minds. WDG moves on to fight the winner between Chiefs and NRG in the semi-final.

Final score: 3-2

Game 5: Dignitas (EU) vs. Evil Geniuses (NA)

With every game having gone the distance, jokes were being made that Dignitas would ruin the five-game streak. The difference in skill between Dignitas and EG is considered to be so big that many were expecting an easy 3-0 sweep. But Dignitas didn’t play to their full potential, while EG stepped up their game. They knew what it was going to take to beat Dignitas. If they didn’t play at 200%, they stood no chance. And that’s what they did. EG boldly took game one. Then Dignitas pulled it together and put themselves on match point by winning the following two games. In the end, it took five games, but Dignitas expectedly won the first series. Still, EG reminded us they are not to be underestimated. Meanwhile, Dignitas will have to work out their kinks for day two; otherwise, they might not win their third consecutive world championship.

Final score: 3-2

Game 6: NRG Esports (NA) vs. Chiefs Esports (OCE)

Chiefs showed they can be on the same level as the rest of the world, but could they stand up against NA’s first seed and last season’s runner-up? It took five games, but they did it. In the biggest upset of the day, Chiefs sent one of the best teams in the tournament to the lower bracket on day one. Yet again wins went back and forth, but it was Chiefs who pulled the long straw in game five. With that loss, NA’s last team was sent to the lower bracket. It’s going to be tough to finally bring that RLCS trophy back to North America, where it hasn’t been since season 1. NRG will face the winner of the Cloud9 – Tainted Minds matchup. Chiefs move on to face We Dem Girlz in the semi-final.

Final score: 2-3

That concludes day 1 of the RLCS Season 6 World Championship. Day 2 will continue today at 11 a.m. PST/ 2 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. GMT / 8 p.m. CET on Twitch! You don’t want to miss it!

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