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We may have some replacement tournaments this summer in the absence of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), but that doesn’t mean rosters aren’t making huge changes. Last month, we discussed Singularity (who have made another change since then), Rogue, and Triple Trouble. More juicy announcements and rumors have happened since, like Dignitas making a major change for a rookie, and where is Scrub Killa going?

Dignitas to introduce a new RLCS rookie with Joreuz?

Maello “AztraL” Ernst was Dignitas’ wildcard for a while. As a mechanically gifted newcomer, Aztral blasted onto the scene in season 8 and showed he was one of the world’s best players. Now, he’s being replaced by the next rookie in Joris “Joreuz” Robben, who will be playing alongside fellow Dutchman Jos “Violentpanda” van Meurs and Austrian Maurice “Yukeo” Weihs in the upcoming $50K Fusion tournament.

Aztral to Oxygen Esports

In turn, Aztral is moving to OXG Esports, which was previously known as Team Reciprocity. There, he will replace Emil “fruity” Moselund, completing a roster that can fully communicate in French. The Belgian will join the two Frenchmen Thibault “Chaussette45” Grzesiak and Victor “Ferra” Francal.

Flakes leaves FC Barcelona and RLCS

Hrant “Flakes” Yakoub is leaving FC Barcelona after just one season. With a decent RLCS season under his belt, the Dutchman has decided to depart the team and start from the bottom with a roster fully fitted to his play style.

Flakes is a player who prefers to play slowly and keeps possession of the ball. So far, he has failed to find a team that plays to his style and decided to completely re-qualify with a new lineup. Who will replace him is yet unknown. FBC will play with Sebastian “Seeb” Ferrada Falch in the meantime, but who knows? Substitutes have been doing well lately.

Scrub Killa to Singularity?

Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson has had a wild few months. From being one goal away from winning his second RLCS world championship in a row to a roster that didn’t gel, Scrub left his latest team mid-season (who started improving massively upon his departure). Now, Scrub looks to be teaming up with his archnemesis Thomas “ThO.” Binkhorst. The two share a past of “playful” toxicity in the online ladders but have since “squashed that beef.” They have now teamed up for the Fusion tournament together, which will likely serve as a pre-RLCS tryout for the wonderkid-turned-superstar.

There are many more changes happening as the Rocket League off-season goes on. Here’s a list of all the other notable, confirmed changes involving players that will be playing the upcoming Fusion tournament:

  • Metsanauris replaces Nachitow on Endpoint
  • Nachitow replaces ClayX on Team BDS
  • Archie replaces Freakkii on Veloce
  • Freakkii creates a new, fully German team with Godsmilla and Striker
  • Mognus joins Tigree and Al0t on a new roster
  • Retals replaces Allushin on Team Envy
  • AlRaz replaces Retals on Pittsburgh Knights

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