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With another season of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) under their belt, professional Rocket League teams have set their sights on the Rocket League Spring Series (RLSS). In the absence of the RLCS World Championships, which would have happened this weekend, each region will spend the next few weeks battling for a sizeable prize pool. The Spring Series offers a perfect opportunity for teams to try out new players in a competitive setting. And the shuffle has officially begun.

Singularity (RLCS 7th place) picks up Mognus

Singularity was a newcomer in the RLCS and finished in a very insignificant seventh place. They didn’t relegate or reach play-offs. They simply survived. After a season in the RLCS, the team has now decided to try out TSM’s Joonas “Mognus” Salo instead of the German Leon “Godsmilla” Mares.

Mognus relegated from the RLCS with TSM, who dropped their roster that same weekend. But if all goes well in the Spring Series, it looks like he’ll avoid the Rival Series after all. However, the legendary Remco “Remkoe” den Boer has hinted that he may retire soon. If that does happen, this could mean the forfeiture of the team’s Rival Series spot due to the two-player rule.

Rogue (RLCS 8th place) drops Wonder for Turinturo

Rogue finished in a disappointing eighth place, and it’s Nicholas “Wonder” Blackerby on the chopping block. Despite surviving the promotion/relegation tournament to stay in the RLCS, Rogue is replacing Wonder with Rival Series star Leonardo “Turinturo” Wilson, who lost out on promotion by a single goal with his team Charlotte Phoenix. Many praised his performances during the season and play-offs, however. Now it looks like he will get to prove his worth among the top.

In turn, Turinturo’s shoes on Charlotte Phoenix will be filled by Michael “WondaMike” Santoriello, who makes a step up after finishing fourth in the Rival Series.

Triple Trouble (RLRS 6th place) lets Rix_Ronday go

Triple Trouble was considered one of the favorites of the Rival Series with two RLCS veterans, including the previous season’s RLCS League Play MVP Daniel “Bluey” Bluett. But the talent was simply too great this season, and they finished in sixth place – enough for survival, but nowhere near the promotion play-offs.

Rix “Rix Ronday” Ronday has been a long-time presence in the Rival Series. This season looked like his best shot to finally promote to the RLCS. When that didn’t happen alongside two proven veterans, they decided it was time to replace him. Unfortunately, we don’t know who will take over for him yet, and Triple Trouble has a history of teasing until the last moment.

What happens to Team Reciprocity?

After the disappointing news that Team Reciprocity would have to find a new home for their Rocket League and Rainbow 6: Siege teams due to the economic crisis that the pandemic is causing, the biggest question during the off-season is where they will go. So far, only rumors have come out, but at least they’ve confirmed that they did find a new home.

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