RLCS League Play Week 1 Recap: Europe - Upcomer
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RLCS League Play Week 1 Recap: Europe

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Week one of RLCS league play continued on Sunday with Europe, an absolutely stacked region where almost every team could take every series. With Dignitas coming off a back-to-back world championship, everybody is looking to finally break the dynasty and change it up in the professional Rocket League scene. Will they reign supreme, or will a different team claim the world championship in Las Vegas this November?

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Game 1: Dignitas versus Fnatic

Straight off the bat, Dignitas had the chance to continue asserting their dominance in the very first match-up. And they did exactly that. Fnatic stood no chance and got swept 3-0. In fact, it was an almost complete shut-out. They managed to score just a single goal in the entire series, whereas Dignitas scored ten: 4-1, 1-0, and 5-0.

Dignitas remains to be the favourite to win RLCS this season, going for back-to-back-to-back titles (and four in a row for Turbopolsa). Fnatic on the other hand has some work to do if they want to go to Vegas.

Final score: 3-0

Game 2: Mousesports versus Renault Vitality

The second series of the day was one of storylines. A recently promoted team was up against Renault Vitality, where Scrub Killa was finally making his debut after a two-year wait.

Vitality, on paper a favourite to go to LAN and do well this season, failed to perform to their potential though. Mouz took the first game and Vitality seemed nervous and disjointed. Passing plays weren’t linking up, rotations were awkward and the defence was shaky. This continued the rest of the series. While Vitality took game two in overtime, there was barely any improvement. On the opposing side, Mouz was performing better than ever and punished Vitality’s many mistakes.

It was an upset, then, when Mousesports took the series in four games and sent Vitality into next week with a lot of issues to work out. Perhaps the underdogs were underestimated all along.

Final score: 3-1

Game 3: PSG versus CompLexity

With so many roster changes in Europe, nearly every match-up is to be one of storylines. This one was no different, with an RLCS debut for PSG with Fruity, and a return for former World Champion gReazymeister, having replaced Metsanauris on CompLexity.

CoL came off a weak off-season, whereas PSG had a particularly strong spell recently. While gReazy had reassured fans of his individual skills during the Universal Open, it didn’t go quite smoothly for his 3v3 team.

Surprisingly, they took game one and two, forcing PSG to make a reverse sweep if they still wanted to take the series. PSG tried exactly that and managed to win the following two games, bringing the series to game five. The matches were close and Fruity proved he is an RLCS-calibre player. He kept up with the plays and didn’t stand out negatively. In the end, CoL shut down the reverse sweep by taking game five and securing their first victory of the season.

Final score: 2-3

Game 4: Mousesports versus Fnatic

Mouz – Fnatic was to be an emotional match-up. Mummisnow, now a player of Fnatic, was kicked from Mousesports in favour of Tigreee. This while he was so important to them during their promotion to RLCS. Mummisnow would have extra motivation to show Mouz they’d made a mistake.

Fnatic started off strong after their weak performance earlier on the day and took game one fairly convincingly. But Mousesports refused to back down and were compelled to prove that replacing Mummisnow with Tigreee had been a good decision. The game one loss seemed to have awoken something in them, as they took the following three games with rising numbers: 2-1, 3-1, and 5-1.

Mouz showed that they’ve remained a solid team with Tigreee. Where many expected them to go 0-2 for the day, they proved the opposite and took the lead in the standings with two victories and impressive performances.

Final score: 3-1

Game 5: We Dem Girlz versus Flipsid3 Tactics

Even though there have been many roster moves, WDG – F3 is a match-up of nostalgia. Ranging all the way back to season 1, it’s a rivalry guaranteed to be a close series.

WDG, formerly Envy, recently replaced Deevo with Metsanauris from CompLexity. With the change, they have set their sights on reclaiming the World Championship, though Remkoe is the only one left of that team.

Despite every game being incredibly close (a one-goal difference every time), WDG took the series 3-1. F3 started off aggressive and looked dangerous in offense. But WDG held it together and neutralised the threat with solid defence and effective solo performances.

Both teams looked confident in all aspects though and appear to be contenders to claim one of the four LAN spots. There are four more weeks to go before the regional finals, however. Teams will have to remain consistent in an immensely stacked European region.

Final score: 3-1

Day one of league play ends with an unexpected standing for EU, with an underdog at first place (with an extra game played) and a favourite near the bottom with an unexpected loss.

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