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Day three of RLCS 8 World Championship reached its climax. NRG Esports are the new Rocket League world champions, defeating Renault Vitality in a down-to-the-wire finish.


We started the day 3 Playoffs bracket with Veloce Esports challenging Spacestation Gaming. SSG was able to takedown Veloce in four games straight 4-1 to move on to NRG.

We then had Pittsburgh Knights stand up to Renault Vitality. Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson kept true to his words after DreamHack Montreal 2019, commenting that PK will never win another LAN title again with their established play style. RV closed out the series in six games (4-2) and moved on to the next stage.

Rocket League RLCS 8 Day 3 World Championship Madrid


At this stage, we were guaranteed a North America vs. Europe grand finals, regardless of who won the next two games. The regional rivalry wasn’t present in the crowd as they continued cheering for every team, every player, and every goal.

NRG started the semifinals by charging out of the gate. They took down SSG in 5 games (4-1). Their dominance made them a strong favorite to win the entire tournament.

Team Dignitas then stood their ground to Renault Vitality in a seven-game series. This was one of the most intense matches of the entire season. There were many back-to-back goal-line saves, and the teams traded wins from each other throughout the series. RV was finally able to crack the Dignitas defense (4-3) and secure their second world championship finals game in 2019.

RLCS Grand Finals: The day two rematch

This series is what every viewer could have asked for. Seven games of back-and-forth wins for each team, which then climaxed with game seven overtime too. This brought back everybody’s memories of the RLCS season 5 grand finals, where NRG, with Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon and Justin “JSTN” Morales, were playing against Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver on the Team Dignitas roster.

JSTN scored the winning goal in overtime. This is the first RLCS title for GarrettG, JSTN, and the NRG Esports organization since they entered the Rocket League esports scene in RLCS season two (2016). This is the fourth RLCS title for Turbopolsa, who now holds the most champion titles in all of Rocket League esports history.

Rocket League RLCS 8 NRG Esports Champions

Turbopolsa was also crowned the MVP of the tournament. Daily Esports then grabbed an intimate interview with him and the NRG team backstage.

If you didn’t attend RLCS 8 in Palacio Vistalegre, you can catch all of the action on demand over at the Rocket League Twitch channel.