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Rishi Malhotra won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rollback Rumble: LACS Qualifier 3 on December 13. Every player that reached top 32 qualified for the upcoming Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3.

Rishi initially cruised through his East Coast pools, earning 2-0 wins over Parker “CowCowCowCowCow” Evora and Daniel “DannyPhantom” Durant Schultz. He also beat Austin “Redd” Self 2-1, securing a spot in top 32. Interestingly, Kyle “Kalamazhu” Zhu DQed from the final bracket, giving Rishi a bye in round one of top 32.

In Winners Quarters, Rishi solidly defeated Steven “Blues Clues” Joseph 3-0 using a mix of Marth and Falco. He scored another 3-0 victory in Winners Semis, this time against Eduardo “Eddy Mexico” Lucatero Rincón. Finally, Rishi faced his own brother, Arjun “lloD” Malhotra. Rishi beat lloD 3-1 in Winners Finals and 3-2 in Grand Finals to win Rollback Rumble: LACS 3 Qualifier.

Other results from Rollback Rumble: LACS 3 Qualifier

LloD’s run through pools included predictable wins over Eric “Majersk” Majersky and Jason “Just Jason” DiMicelli. Then in top 32, he defeated Ben Strandmark and Colin “Colbol” Green. Finally, lloD beat Kurtis “moky” Pratt and Logan “LSD” Dunn to place 2nd at Rollback Rumble: LACS 3 Qualifier.

LSD swept through pools, defeating players like Aaron “Qerb” Yalcin and Andrew “Chem” Khalili in the process. However, he narrowly lost to Colbol in the first round of top 32. Despite this, LSD made a deep losers run to finish in 3rd place. He got into top 8 by eliminating Fernando “Far!” Dorame, Ben, and Alexander “KoopaTroopa895” Plasencia. Then, LSD beat Blues Clues, moky, and Eddy Mexico before finally falling to lloD in Losers Finals.

Sixteen players will qualify for LACS 3 during the 5 Days of Melee, and 16 others will receive direct invites. The following players qualified for the event through Rollback Rumble: LACS 3 Qualifier:

  • Rishi
  • lloD
  • LSD
  • Eddy Mexico
  • moky
  • Dawud “Aklo” Rahman
  • Blues Clues
  • Colbol
  • Ryan Ford
  • KoopaTroopa895
  • Ben “SFOP” Duren
  • Isaac “bobby big ballz” P.
  • Elliot Moffat-Shojania
  • Hugh “SluG” Hegarty
  • Ben
  • Duncan “SDJ” Meara
  • Vish Kumar
  • Thomas “Pappi” Perez
  • Far!
  • John “KoDoRiN” Ko
  • Isaac “NOOT” Blake
  • Kalamazhu
  • Vincent “Vincessant” Mak
  • James “Swedish Delight” Liu
  • Justus Rivers
  • Daniel Lotfy
  • Matteo Caglioti
  • Redd
  • Majersk
  • Christian “Kürv” Melendez
  • Matt “Mot$” Gaydos
  • Justin “DarkGenex” Cohen

The 5 Days of Melee LACS 3 Qualifier will start this week on December 16.