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On Friday Riot Games revealed a glimpse of the upcoming Challenges system that will be available in League of Legends patch 12.9. This reveal comes after Riot earlier outlined plans for a Challenges system in 2021. The system celebrates big and small milestones players hit, such as early game invades and champion mastery.

The Challenges system is a new addition to League that rewards players for all the impressive activities they partake in both in and out of the game. “Challenges are designed to provide meaningful progression to all League players,” lead designer  Jordan “BarackProbama” Checkman said. So, the Challenges system will cater to ranked, ARAM and Clash players, as well as cosmetic collectors.

Personalized Challenges system for every player

Challenges Collection
PBE Challenges Collection| Image provided by Riot Games

Just like Ranked, Challenges will allow show their accomplishments, tell their own experience and journey but in a different way. To do this, there will be different ranks of crystals that will widely represent what one has achieved within challenges. Challenges have their own tab within players’ profiles and everyone is allowed to check on each others’ challenge progress.

Moreover, tokens and titles enable players to show specific things that they are proud of. So, players can show other achievements and continue to partake in challenges to increase their crystal levels.

 Challenges available from Patch 12.9

The new system will include over 300 individual challenges, 2700 tokens and over 100 titles. Some of the challenges that players can participate in when LoL Patch 12.9 goes live are:

  • Aggressive positioning: Obtain multi-kills after flashing towards enemies and earn the “Flashy” title
  • Solo Carry: In this challenge, players must deal 40% or more of the team’s champion damage in an ARAM game.
  • Superior supporting: Players have to finish their support quest quicker than opponents.
  • Pop Goes the Poro: When in ARAM cause a Poro to explode. Players who do this will earn the Pororoyalty title
  • Stacks on Stacks on Stacks: Gain stack Mejai’s Soulstealer before 20 minutes.
  • Give ’em Shell, Shelly: Obtain turrets with Rift Herald
  • Nashor Slayer: Kill Baron Nashor solo and become the ‘Baron’

According to the official patch schedule, Patch 12.9 will be available on May 11, a day after the Mid-Season Invitational begins. However, players can continue to test the Challenges system on the PBE as testing will continue up until launch.