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Riot Games announced upcoming 2022 changes to League of Legends in the game’s preseason. These changes to the LoL landscape are not as wide sweeping as previous seasons, as there are no item overhauls or rune system alterations. However, the changes will impact players across the board. The 2022 LoL preseason includes more improved items, dragon and terrain changes, rune tweaks and in-game bounties.

Here is everything you need to know about the 2022 LoL preseason changes so far.

Dragon, runes and items: LoL 2022 preseason changes

The elemental dragons and terrain changes are receiving some changes this preseason. According to the announcement, the updates include new features for terrain (possibly more extreme than previous changes) and an exploration into what gives the elemental dragons their power.

Mythic and Legendary items will also see some changes in the preseason. More support role Mythic items will be introduced, as well as buffs and changes to Legendary items for certain roles. The announcement specifically states that mages, assassins and tanks will receive improved Legendary item options.

As for runes, Riot said it will look at the Inspiration keystone and dole out updates to the underused rune. They also said to be on the lookout to changes to secondary rune adjustments.

Bounties and new systems

The introduction of objective bounties is possibly the biggest changes coming in this announcement. Bounties were introduced as a comeback mechanic for struggling squads to get back into a losing game. The mechanic was strictly attached to champions, but Riot seems to be moving the mechanic over to objectives to allow for even more options to recover when behind.

Lastly, LoL is getting a new “challenge” system that players can use to track their progress, playstyle and mastery of the game. Similar to the eternal system, players can complete challenges and view their accomplishments on their profile. Challenges include things like champion mastery or towers taken and even go across game modes like ARAM and limited time modes.