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Provided by: Infinity Ward

Riot Shield counter: How to beat Riot Shields in MW2 and Warzone 2

Take down nefarious Riot Shielders easily with these counters.

The seemingly infallible Riot Shield is not new to Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and even to the older title Modern Warfare 2. It has always been the bane of existence to those who are coming up against enemies using it. You empty an entire clip, only to inflict such a small damage to your enemy target. Even as the Riot Shield are put away on their backs, it protects their six effectively.

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However, Riot Shields are not entirely unbreakable. In addition to decreased mobility, they also cannot equip primary weapons without the Overkill Perk. With such weaknesses, here are some guaranteed methods to beat Riot Shields in MW2 and Warzone 2.

How to counter Riot Shields in MW2

Provided by: Infinity Ward

When you come up against an enemy with a Riot Shield, it’s no use to fire at them as normal. You can empty an entire clip of even the best assault rifle loadout yet the damage dealt is very minimal. Although you can aim for the enemy’s legs, they know better to crouch to avoid this.

You need to have a few tricks and equipment ready up your sleeve to effectively counter Riot Shields in MW2. Here are some you can try:

  • Molotovs – A classic weapon of choice like the Molotov is the easiest yet surefire way to eliminate an enemy carrying a Riot Shield. Throw a Molotov within the area of a target, and the spread of the fire can inflict enough damage. Be ready to have more than one to surely eliminate them, but with their decreased mobility, they stand little to no chance against these handy explosives.
  • Shock Stick – Like the Molotovs, simply throwing a Shock Stick within an enemy’s vicinity is enough for it to work. It sticks to any surface and electrocutes targets, which gives you an opening to approach them strategically to eliminate them. Be careful to not get caught in the electric field when you use Shock Sticks though. Similar equipment like the Proximity Mine, Thermite, and Drill Charge are also effective in countering these nefarious shields.
  • Stun Grenade – This method is guaranteed if you have a bit more of an opening. Throw a Stun Grenade at an enemy target carrying the Riot Shield immediately to immobilize them. While they are incapacitated, throw either a C4 or a Semtex behind them. With such an explosion, Riot Shield users are easily taken down before they can even escape to safety.

How to counter Riot Shields in Warzone 2

Provided by: Infinity Ward

You can use pretty much the same techniques in Warzone 2 to beat enemy targets with Riot Shields. You can aim for their feet, use equipment that deals AoE damage like Thermite, strategically use stun/smoke grenades and angled explosives, Drill Charges, and the classic Molotov trick.

There is another way of effectively beating them which requires some teamwork and bomb drones. Although they can try to avoid them, you can just float around their area to coax them out. This will cause them to move to avoid the blast from the threatening C4 drones. By doing so, this gives your teammates an opening to eliminate them as they are preoccupied with their escape.

How to use melee to counter Riot Shields

If you are unequipped with the useful weapons mentioned, you can rely on just a simple knife. Strategize on how you can jump nearby a Riot Shield user, and aim for their head. All it takes is one shot, and they are rendered unprotected with just a simple jump and a handy melee weapon.

Even with such handy methods, you still have to be wary of Riot Shield users. Remember that you have the advantage of running away faster to be in a great vantage point first before you attempt any of these. Keep all these in mind, and watch your K/D stats prosper even when up against pesky Riot Shielders.

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