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Act II drops tomorrow in Valorant, and right on queue, Riot Games has announced a new skin line that will release with the new Act. The new Glitchpop skins will be available in the store tomorrow, here’s some more about them.

Which guns are getting Glitchpop skins?

As per the usual with skin collections in Valorant, four different guns and the melee are getting skins.

  • Frenzy (Pistol)
  • Judge (Shotgun)
  • Bulldog (Assault Rifle)
  • Odin (LMG)
  • Melee (Knife)

This collection will not include a skin for the Phantom, the Vandal, or the Operator. This is notable, because these are undisputedly the most popular guns in the game.

The skins resemble Killjoy

Along with these skins, Valorant is also getting a new Agent. Killjoy was announced last week as the game’s 12th playable character. Killjoy is an inventor from Berlin with a sense of style that seems similar to the new Glitchpop gun skins.

The gun skins all have extremely bright colors along with colorful effects players can buy with Radianite points. Riot describes Killjoy as bringing “the chill Berlin nightlife.” It seems that the theme will be consistent with these skins.

How much do the skins cost?

The Glitchpop collection and skins will likely cost the same amount as other standard collections, like the Prime Collection and the Oni Collection. These both cost 7,100 Valorant Points for the whole collection, which is roughly $70. Each individual gun skin is 1,775 Valorant Points (roughly $20) and the Melee is 3,550 (roughly $40). The collection will also likely come with other goodies like a player card, a gun buddy, and a spray.

Remember to check out all the other updates that are coming to Valorant‘s Act II tomorrow. There’s a lot more content than just Killjoy and the Glitchpop skin collection coming to the game. Be sure to stay tuned for more Valorant news and guides!

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