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Riot Games revealed plans to bring the elemental rift to League of Legends: Wild Rift. The Elemental Rift already exists on the PC version of Summoner’s Rift and will be introduced to Wild Rift later in the year.

The Elemental rift feature will see a different one of the four elemental dragons take over the rift when killed. While there is no release date for the feature, it will not be out before Patch 3.0.

Wild Rift esports in 2022

Aside from the new Elemental Rift feature, Riot also announced its plans for Wild Rift esports in 2022. After the 2021 Horizon Cup, this year’s season will culminate in this summer’s Global Championship Icons, in Europe. The international event will feature 24 of the best Wild Rift teams across the eight regional leagues that feed into it.

China dominated the first Wild Rift international tournament in 2021 and will aim to keep its winning streak alive.  Some regions, like Korea, have already concluded their pre-season event and are looking forward to dominating Wild Rift esports this year.

Champions in 2022

The list of champions continue to increase in Wild Rift, with Sett, Yuumi, Karma and Shen scheduled to make their mobile debuts. Patch 3.0 will introduce Sett and Yuumi while the other champions will arrive in Patch 3.1.

There will also be new Firecracker skins to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Patch 3.0.

Additionally, Patch 3.0 will be available for players on Jan. 19, according to the official patch schedule.

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