Riot Morello hints at new Valorant healer and Jett, Omen, Viper changes
Riot Morello hints at Valorant new healer and Jett, Omen, Viper changes

Riot Morello hints at new Valorant healer and Jett, Omen, Viper changes

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Valorant developer “Riot Morello” has shared some information regarding what Riot Games has planned for Valorant on his Twitch stream. The developer hinted at the possibility of a new healer class while discussing Sage, alongside upcoming reworks for Jett, Omen, and Viper.

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A new healer to compete with Sage?

While streaming, someone on chat asked whether Morello sees Sage being “the premiere staller, healer, neither, or both.” To that, Morello answered “the premiere staller” and that she “isn’t the premiere healer.” He also added that healing won’t be “her identity, because I think we will make another healer.” The Valorant community considers Sage to be one of the must -pick agents in the video game due to her resurrection ultimate paired with renewable healing ability. On top of that, she has very strong stalling abilities that easily stop an enemy push. From Morello’s response, we can deduce that the upcoming 11th agent will not be a healer. Despite that, a healing agent will be in the works somewhere in the future according to the developer.

Jett, Omen, and Viper changes coming

The three agents are in line for changes according to Morello. First of all, Jett will receive a buff saying that her “reliability is too low.” He went on to say: “We want to up her reliability. We are not doing the thing where she can shoot out of her dash. The dash is meant to be an escape and evasion and timing tool, not a combat rush tool.”

Morello specifically denied the possibility of Jett becoming the ultimate rush Agent in Valorant, being able to shoot while mid-dash. Instead, Riot wants to focus on making her more “reliable,” perhaps increasing the time of her smokes or reducing the cost of her abilities.

Next, Morello discussed Omen, one of the agents that received changes relatively recently in Valorant. Morello said the following:

We are going to be updating the targeting for his smokes pretty substantially. We are going to be updating his Q (Paranoia) and just making it better and bigger and easier to hit with and more reliable. Everything looks better; everything has been polished. And then we’re doing this change that I’m not going to tell you about. It’s very quality of life; I think it will be a buff. We’re doing something secret with the ultimate that I think will be a buff. And the teleport we’re not changing for this patch.

Yet again, we will be seeing a significant rework for Omen according to Morello. The last update already buffed the Agent. Omen mains will be happy to hear the fact that he will be buffed once again.

Finally, Morello talked more vaguely about changes coming to Viper in Valorant. On stream he said: “We will do changes to Viper, but it’s going to be something that takes a little longer than number tuning. It’s going to be a a little bit more substantial. So we want to make sure we have the time to actually test it and get it right.”

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