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Riot Games announced a new update approach to dealing with win traders in Wild Rift. The developer is adding new, and harsher, penalties and frequent ban waves for the mobile game. Match fixing will also receive similar bans and penalties across the board.

Riot will not announce the ban waves, but the organization said to expect multiple waves a season. It will do everything it can to keep players who are just having bad games out of their wave of bans.

Riot defined win trading as “any method where players manipulate the matchmaking queues to end up on opposite teams, in order to fix the results of the match (win or loss).” It defined match fixing as “any method where players intentionally and consistently behave in ways that cause their team to lose or forfeit.”

Penalties for win trading and match fixing in Wild Rift

Wild Rift accounts with evidence of win trading or match fixing will receive a seven day warning ban. They will also have their ranked reset to Iron and lose all season rewards. Those who repeatedly win trade or match fix will continue to receive permanent bans. This is Riot’s usual punishments are were outlined in a previous update.

First time offenders will also receive a leaderboard ban for the rest of the season. Those identified as repeat win traders will also get removed from champion leaderboards. These punishments are design to disincentives players to engage in match fixing and win trading, or get stripped of their disingenuous high leaderboard rank across the game. This practice will also extend to ranked leaderboards.

The new punishments are also aimed at repeat offenders, so if a player is included in one ban wave they are not instantly perma-banned from the game.