League of Legends: Wild Rift beta launches this month in the US
League of Legends: Wild Rift
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Riot Games to launch League of Legends: Wild Rift beta in NA this month

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Riot Games has announced plans to start the open beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift in North America, on March 29. From that date, every NA player can access Wild Rift on their Android or iOS devices. Wild Rift is currently in the open beta phase in multiple countries worldwide. However, gamers in the Americas are yet to get an opportunity to play.

Riot’s executive producer, Michael Chow, earlier explained that the coronavirus pandemic affected their ability to launch new servers for the affected regions.

What NA Players must know about Wild Rift open beta launch

In this open beta, NA players can download Wild Rift from their app store without registration. However, a player who lives in NA but already accessed Wild Rift through a VPN service, needs to switch off the VPN for this new version.

To access the game on the NA server, make sure you play with your VPN switched off. When logged in without a VPN, players who already have an account on any other League of Legends: Wild Rift Server will be asked automatically to move to the Americas. If you chose not to migrate, nothing happens to your account but you will face login issues if your IP address location differs from your Riot account.

Wild Rift
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Furthermore, if a player migrates to the Americas Server, their pre-existing accounts will face a complete reset. This means that all NA players will have to start from level one with any existing content removed. However, Riot will restore any purchased Wild Cores to these accounts. These migrations are final and cannot be reversed.

Bonuses galore

Riot also plans to make it up to the players who will have to start again from level one. There is a special event in the works for players in the Americas. In addition, those players will get access to lots of XP, champions, Blue Motes, and exclusive content from expired events.

Also, players will receive bonuses for time spent in League of Legends PC through the Rift-to-Rift event. On top of all these rewards, a new global event titled Wild Rift Journey will offer players even more bonuses and gifts.

Be warned though, a player with an account registered to the Americas can only play games with other players on that server. So NA players cannot play with those in Europe or Asia. Riot’s Wild Rift communication Lead, Ben Forbes, did not give an indication of whether this will change in the future.

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