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On Thursday, Riot Games teased an in-game team-based tournament system to come in 2022 during the most recent Dev Diaries by Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon. This tournament system will likely follow Clash, which has been an explosive hit in Riot Games’ other title League of Legends.

Clash is a fun way to gather friends to compete against people in varied brackets of skill for League of Legends. Players can build their teams, give them names and compete to earn in-game prizes that showcases their victories. This isn’t the first time tournaments have been teased either. Back in June of 2021, these Clash-like tournaments were revealed to be in the works already. Now, it seems, plans are one step closer to becoming a reality.

For Episode 4 Act 2, Riot Games is looking to strengthen the core of the game instead of adding new agents and maps as they have over the past year. This is where other fundamentals come in, like building a Clash system in VALORANT.

“We’ll be dedicating that Act to the overall health of our game,” Donlon said. “Instead, lots and lots of updates that target agent, existing maps, promoting good player behavior and an even better ranked experience. Things like that.”

What would VALORANT Clash could look like?

As with League of Legends, VALORANT requires five players to a given team. That means a player can gather four of their friends to compete in the tournament alongside other five-stacks. Unlike League of Legends, VALORANT does not require each player to play a set role. This means that there is less stress on finding the right parts for a team.

Additionally, VALORANT’s tournament system could feature in-game content to showcase player’s achievements. For League of Legends, it is a banner that is displayed in a player’s lane during matches. This could translate to VALORANT in the form of weapon skins, calling cards, gun buddies and more. Players could also have the opportunity to unlock exclusive sprays or Riot Points by competing in these tournaments.

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