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Riot Games has officially announced Chamber as VALORANT’s 17th agent. This comes after months of teases and a delay in its release. The new agent is a Sentinel and will come to live servers on Nov. 16. Like its tease in the Fracture trailer, the agent was teased under the name Deadeye before announced with the name Chamber. He has a sniper rifle and is kitted out with a pistol, a teleporter and a trap.

“As we worked on Chamber, the evolution of someone who can hold down a site with an array of weapons emerged,” John Goscick, VALORANT character producer, said in a Riot Games press release. “Between your loadout, his pistol/ult and gadgets, a player should be able to hold down a location — but it’s up to you to use the tools correctly and creatively.”

Chamber is a suave Frenchman agent that creates weapons and traps. He is described as a “gentleman assassin.”

VALORANT’s new agent Chamber

Chamber’s C ability is called Trademark. It is a trap that scans for enemies and, when a visible one is in range, counts down and “destabilizes the terrain around them,” which slows enemies inside of it. His Q ability is called Headhunter and equips players with a heavy pistol that can also aim down sights like a rifle or submachine gun with the alt fire button. The agent’s E ability is Rendezvous, a teleport ability similar to Symmetra from Overwatch based off of its description. Chamber can place down two teleport anchors and, while players are within range of an anchor, they can reactivate the ability to teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be recalled and placed again. Based off of the wording of the ability, only Chamber can use the teleporter; not his teammates.

Lastly, Chamber’s ultimate is Tour de Force. Players can activate the ability to bring out a “powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any direct hit.” The gun also creates a lingering field that slows enemies after killing an opponent.

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