Riot Games reveals Kayle and Morgana champion updates - Upcomer
Image Credit: Bethesda
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Riot Games reveals Kayle and Morgana champion updates

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

After a long wait, the day is finally here for Morgana and Kayle players. The champion updates for League of Legends‘ resident sisters has been revealed by Riot Games today, and boy, do they look great.

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The teaser trailer for the update would give us a glimpse of what was to come. However, we couldn’t have expected this. For Morgana fans, our favorite Fallen Angel is only going through an extensive visual update. The majority of her kit is being left untouched except her ultimate, which now grants her movement speed towards enemies during the cast time of her Soul Shackles. On the other hand, Kayle is undergoing a full champion rework.

Beware the late-game Kayle!

We say this because of Kayle’s new passive, Divine Ascent. Her passive now has the champion “ascend” into four forms while she levels up. At level one, she is Zealous. Kayle’s attacks grant her stacking attack speed and after five stacks, she gains a status called “Exalted”. This status gives her bonus movement speed towards enemy champions. At level six, becoming Exalted gives her auto-attacks flaming waves that deal bonus magic damage. At level eleven, Kayle actually becomes a fully ranged champion, in a form called Arisen.

Once the Judicator reaches level sixteen, she gains her full powers as a Transcendant. Kayle now remains permanently Exalted, and her flaming waves now deal true damage instead of magic damage. The rest of her kit is also changing to certain degree. For example, Kayle’s Righteous Fury has been replaced with Starfire Spellblade. This new ability passively gives her bonus basic attack damage that scales with ability power and attack damage. The active on Starfire Spellblade makes her next auto-attack ranged, deals bonus magic damage and a portion of the target’s missing health.

Her ultimate is also being updated, and it now does damage. Fear not, the targetable invincibility is still there but after a few seconds, swords fall from the sky around the targeted player. It is an impressive change that looks just as good as it should play.

Playstyles with the Judicator

Kayle now has incredible scaling the longer she goes into a game. The amount of damage she does is multiplied as she gains forms, so people will look to elongate games late in order to maximize their dueling and teamfight potential. Speaking of which, she now has some great teamfighting abilities that both destroy the enemy while protecting your allies. Using Kayle’s ultimate on a squishy engage champion like Rakan should help them get away easily after starting the fight. You can also place your ultimate on your carries, giving them more time to dish out pain.

If people are able to make this champion work in the meta, look for games to reach the 30-40 minute mark frequently. Kayle’s level sixteen power spike is actually very significant, as she will do a ton of damage being Exalted indefinitely. Check out all the details on the update here, and also check out the updated skins for both Kayle and Morgana on the official Riot Games page.

What are your thoughts on the Kayle and Morgana champion updates? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends coverage, check us out here!