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The recent Valorant patch 1.09 did more than nerf Jett and the Operator. It also broke Sova and Phoenix, although, not in the usual fashion. The bug from the Valorant patch broke their voice boxes, silencing their signature Ultimate lines. If you’ve missed Phoenix yelling, “Joke’s over, you’re dead!” or Sova screaming, “Nowhere to run!” then you’re in luck. Riot has released a fix to repair these laryngectomies.

It wasn’t long after the patch released that players noticed voices missing from agents. This Reddit thread from user Jamesalix mentioned that he didn’t hear an audio cue from Phoenix when he launched his Ultimate. Others complained of other missing audio, such as teleportation sounds. If you’re a Valorant player, then you already know the importance of these audio cues. Players depend upon these to have a fair, fighting chance against others. Silencing these pretty crucial Ultimate lines gives these agents a hearty advantage over others.

Even if you aren’t a Valorant player, you can imagine the frustration opponents of these two characters felt. You might have even heard the frustration (pun absolutely intended).

Fortunately, Riot Games has squashed this bug in less than 24 hours. No more sneaky-sneaky for Sova and Phoenix. Well, we hope that’s the case, at least.

Other Valorant patch 1.09 bugs squashed

The patch is also responsible for game crashes and game kicks from alt-tabbing at the wrong time. Even worse, it was difficult to rejoin. If the players were able to rejoin, they often admitted defeat. Riot Games has said they believe they have fixed the issues.

Of course, if you’re still seeing these issues or finding other issues, be sure to alert Riot’s support team, especially if Phoenix or Sova get a silent drop on you again.

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