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The Closed Beta of Valorant hasn’t produced many controversial debates within the community. So far, the only real complaints from fans have been the invasive Anti-Cheat program that Riot Games implements and Raze’s overpowered nature. Other than that, there hasn’t been too much to complain about.

However, yesterday one clip went viral on Reddit that showcases a possible issue with a certain mechanic in Valorant. The mechanic, being the Ascenders, seems to be working a little too well. This prompted a Riot Games developer to speak out.

Are Ascenders too powerful in Valorant?

The Ascenders are the elevation ropes that players can find on the Split map in Valorant. While they’re not plentiful, the Ascenders are placed in some major hot spots – most notably, near A Heaven and the middle of the map. As such, they play a role in almost every match on Split.

One widely unknown aspect of the ropes is that there’s almost no aiming penalty if you’re attached to one. For example, you have the same accuracy when you’re standing still as you do on one of the Ascenders. This was showcased in the aforementioned viral Reddit clip.

Is Rope Accuracy here to stay? It seems a bit overpowered with the extra movement speed you get: from VALORANT

Many players argue that because you can maneuver the ropes so easily, there should be some kind of penalty for being on one. However, a Riot Games developer seems to have debunked the theory that there’s absolutely no accuracy penalty.

So, it seems that the Ascenders aren’t as powerful as once thought. Still, the developer did state that the company is looking further into how the ropes act. Perhaps we’ll see an adjustment later in the Valorant Closed Beta. For the most part, however, the Ascenders seem relatively balanced.

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