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In partnership with Wisdom Media and Nerd Street Gamers, Riot Games has announced the Wild Rift NA Regional Championship: Summoner Series. With League of Legends: Wild Rift esports already starting around the world, it’s North America’s time to shine.

Wild Rift NA Regional Championship: Summoner Series

The Wild Rift Summoner Series will decide which eight teams will be competing in the first ever NA Regional Championship with a $35,000 prize pool on the line. The series will consist of multiple circuits giving players different chances at getting a seat to the regional finals later this year. Each circuit is open entry and has their own prize pool. The series will run from July 26th through October 3rd.


For the Wild Rift NA Regional Championship: Summoner Series, there will be three separate circuits. Each circuit will be split into three different tournaments. The first two tournaments in each circuit will be open qualifiers. These events are open entry and free to anyone in North America that has a full team of five and two substitutes. However, the website states that these open qualifiers are 32 team events, so they may be capped. However, signups are happening now for the first qualifier event. The top teams from the open qualifiers make it to the circuit finals.

The last tournament of each circuit are dubbed “Majors”. These tournaments will pit the top eight teams of each circuit with the top teams moving onto the regional championships. Each Circuit Major will also have a $5,000 prize pool. However, the first circuit will not automatically qualify teams into the regional finals but will send teams directly to the second circuit major. The second circuit will qualify two teams into the regional finals. The third will qualify four teams.

The Last Chance Qualifier will decide the final two teams that will make up the eight team regional final.

The first circuit Open Qualifier kicks off on Monday July 26th at 5 PM EST. Also, the action will be streamed live on the GiantslayerWR Twitch channel.