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In a recent edition of Dev Diaries, VALORANT’s Executive Producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon updated fans of the plans for Episode 4 Act II of VALORANT, stating that the next Act will not feature any new maps or agents.

“We’ll be dedicating that act to the overall health of our game,” SuperCakes said. “Instead, lots and lots of updates that target agent, existing maps, promoting good player behavior and an even better ranked experience. Things like that.”

Supercakes shared that the team will communicate more updates as it deals with player behavior and ranked experiences. She also pointed out the Yoru mini-rework, along with Riot’s recent reports on how they are dealing with away-from-keyboard players and smurfs in ranked games.

While there will be no new playable content available for players, a new Act II Battle Pass and other cosmetics are still in the pipeline for VALORANT and will continue to roll out as usual.

Dolan also teased a community battle pass, with art and cosmetics from VALORANT’s own players and artists, along with “picking up right were we left off with the new agent in Act III.”

Each act in VALORANT lasts about eight weeks, with the recent Episode 4 Act I beginning on Jan. 12. Currently, players are two weeks into Act I. So, VALORANT Episode 4 Act III, where a new map or agent will come, is about four months away.

In that time, SuperCakes said, the team is looking to open up more lines of communication with the community, either over social media or other avenues. She also continued to praise the player base for sticking with the title.

“Our goal this year is to keep out amazing player community, that’s you, engaged with content, new feature and continued support,” SuperCakes said. “And we want to welcome even more of you.”

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