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Riot acknowledges lower VALORANT ranks in Episode 3

Ranking up will be a bit easier going forward
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Riot has addressed complaints from the VALORANT community about rank distribution for Episode 3 in a recent Ask VALORANT, acknowledging that there are too many people in silver.

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With VALORANT Episode 3, Riot made some changes to matchmaking which lowered everyone’s MMR somewhat. Communications associate Jeff Landa said developers are happy with the results but do admit the lower ranks have too many players in them. They will now reduce the amount of players in silver and bring them up to where they belong.

Valorant episode 3 rank distribution
The current rank distribution. Provided by Riot

Riot illustrated the difference with an infographic of the rank distribution of this VALORANT act. The silver ranks are currently spiked much higher than the rest. Riot’s goal is to bring the distribution more towards a bell curve, with more players in gold and more in bronze. However, they do note it may not be as precise as they want, as the players’ skill levels are constantly shifting. So, while it is not entirely clear how the ranks will be distributed exactly, it is certain that it will be slightly easier to rise in ranks during VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2.

VALORANT episode 3 intended ranked distribution
The intended rank distribution. Provided by Riot.

Riot confirms hiding VALORANT account level is coming

Riot also confirmed that it will soon be possible for players to hide their account level. These are often used by toxic players to call out others with a high level but low rank. However, it will take a couple of patches to “wrap up development and release the change,” according to Naoise Creaven, Senior Producer at Riot.

Finally, Riot addressed the question of whether they intend to release skins via the rotating shop again, rather than via the featured releases. This was an intended change to give everyone equal opportunity when a new VALORANT skin releases. But, Riot does not rule out the possibility that new skins may appear in the rotating shop in the future. However, it does warn that those will be “far and few between.”

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