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According to the official Call of Duty Twitter account, the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat banned 48,000 accounts across Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. The bans took place on Dec. 21. This is the first large ban wave that’s taken place since Warzone Pacific installed the kernel-level driver on PC players’ systems. The kernel-level driver is an integral part of RICOCHET to ensure it catches cheaters at the hardware level.

There is no driver available for Vanguard, yet, but it seems RICOCHET is still managing to ban cheaters without it. Earlier this week, hacked lobbies began to appear that give players a max-level weapon by getting one kill with any gun. There are no reports if this ban wave put a stop to the hacked lobbies appearing.

However, it does seem that RICOCHET is banning a wide number of cheaters. The cheating in both Warzone Pacific and Vanguard has been noticeably less rampant since the software went live in early December. While there are certainly still cheaters popping up in lobbies, the Anti-Cheat software is clearly working to resolve that.

RICOCHET stopping cheaters for now

The one lingering question with the RICOCHET software is if it can continue to stop cheaters. Cheating websites are undoubtedly working to find ways to get past the kernel-level driver. Though some websites have had to shut down after receiving cease and desist letters from Activision, there are still numerous popular websites in commission.

RICOCHET’s biggest job is ensuring that it can catch all forms of cheats from entering Warzone Pacific and Vanguard. So far, it seems like the software is up to the task. The cheating in Vanguard should also improve once it receives its own kernel-level driver sometime in 2022.

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