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The official launch of Riot Games’ Valorant is just around the corner as the newest Agent to be added into the game, Reyna, has been teased already. Unfortunately, we did not receive much explanation on how her abilities work. However, Riot Morello, the character design lead, has provided some insight on her playability and kit on Twitter to help clarify what kind of character she is.

“Reyna is feast or famine”

Morello said the new Agent “feast or famine,” meaning either you get the kills or the Agent will be useless. He explained that she uses Soul Orbs to cast two of her abilities that allow herself to “overheal” up to 50 armor or turn invulnerable while being unable to shoot. Additionally, these two abilities share charges. The fact that she needs to kill others in order to be able to cast those two abilities leads to the assumption that the player needs to take on an aggressive play style to be effective, affirming Morello’s initial statement.

Reyna’s ultimate ability provides her with “faster firing/reload/recoil mod and resets on kill” but also empowers “her Soul Orb skills.” The developer added that players that pick Reyna are “making a big bet,” as not getting frags with her will be a liability to the team and she will simply be “BAD.”

Morello also answered some questions later on regarding the new agent. He confirmed that she is a duelist, much like Phoenix and Jett.

Perhaps the most interesting information that Morello has revealed about Reyna regards her healing ability. In the short reveal video, she is seen healing herself. This led to the community believing that she may be the other healer that Morello mentioned will be released in the future while streaming. However, Reyna is not that Agent. She can only heal herself, meaning that she is not any competition to Sage at the moment.

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