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Xayah is already one of the strongest units in the Teamfight Tactics set 7 Dragonlands Public Beta Environment, but when combined with the Revel trait, she reaches an entire new level of absurdity.

A few savvy TFT players, including Twitch streamer GrandVice8, discovered that when you give Xayah a Revel emblem, it unlocks an interaction that wipes the floor with the enemy board. While it’s unlikely the interaction will make it to live servers, players are having fun with it while they can.

The interaction makes use of the vertical Revel trait, meaning it becomes most powerful when the player can fit in 5 Revel. This requires a Revel emblem (as there are only four Revel champions), which players can acquire through augments.

Xayah’s “Feathers FLY!” ability causes her attacks to fire a feather, in addition to extra feathers at enemies near her targets, for four seconds. After the four seconds ends, she also recalls her feathers, doing additional damage.

The Revel trait causes firecrackers to launch at random enemies after dealing damage with an ability. Since Xayah’s feathers each individually count as damage dealt by an ability, she ends up launching a whole lot of firecrackers. Each firecracker does 450 magic damage when 5 Revel is activated.

The end result is a ton of damage in a very small period of time. It can make even a 1-star Xayah stronger than five cost units. Even though this interaction doesn’t appear to be a bug, it’s very likely to be patched out or nerfed in some way. Strong interactions occasionally sneak their way onto live TFT servers, but this one was sniffed out early enough that it should be targeted by the balance team.

Dragonlands is the newest set in TFT. It features a new high-fantasy dragon theme with tons of new champions and traits. Set 7 Dragonlands will go live in Patch 12.11 on June 8.

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