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According to Sports Business Journal sources, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his Kraft Sports Group, in conjunction with Oxygen Esports, is reportedly purchasing the 12th Call of Duty League spot. The 12th spot in the franchised CDL is currently held by Team Envy, who acquired it from NRG Esports when they merged with OpTic Gaming earlier this year.

Kraft Sports Group is owned by Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots in the National Football League and the Overwatch League’s Boston Uprising. Kraft and his group purchased their Overwatch League spot in 2017. These latest reports wold indicate that the group wants to further expand its esports portfolio.

Kraft Sports Group to reportedly acquire spot in the CDL

The 12th spot in the Call of Duty League has supposedly traded theoretical hands multiple times this year. After reports surfaced that OpTic would merge with Envy, their CDL spot, which was held by NRG, was up for grabs. Initial reports stated that the Washington Justice ownership group would purchase the spot from NRG.

A few weeks after those reports surfaced, talks between Washington and NRG reportedly fell through. This led to Envy acquiring the rights to the spot when they merged with OpTic in early November.

Now, it seems, Kraft Sports Group is in line to purchase the 12th and final spot in the CDL. According to the report from SBJ, Kraft Sports Group is partnering with Oxygen Esports, who will run the new CDL franchise and the OWL’s Boston Uprising. Oxygen Esports is a New England esports organization, with rosters currently in Rocket League, VALORANT, Halo Infinite, Rainbow Six Siege and more.

If Kraft Sports Group is able to finalize the purchase of the 12th CDL spot, the franchise could presumably be moved to Boston.

Financial aspects of the supposed deal between Kraft Sports Group and Envy have not yet been reported.

Upcomer is working to confirm the reports and will update this article if any new information comes to light.

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