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Renault Vitality has won the third and final RLCSX EU Regional. Where Team BDS had won the previous two, Vitality proved far too strong for the reigning champions as they cruised their way to the final, where they met underdogs Endpoint. The end of the third regional also means that the points are now set in stone as well as who qualified for the Fall Major.

Renault Vitality is back on top of RLCS X

Since RLCS Season 7, Renault Vitality has been a force to be reckoned with, but RLCS Season X has seen some new names step up to the challenge. Team BDS in particular was a thorn in RV’s side, but today they finally got their revenge with a 4-1 win in the semi-final. However, it first took a 3-0 win over former teammate Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson’s Guild Esports, and they partially did so with their substitute, Alexandre “Mout” Moutarde.

Endpoint awaited RV in the final, which was far and away the best result this season for the former. In the first regional they ended up in ninth place, and in the second they secured only twelfth. With this second-place finish, they climbed six spots in the RLCSX rankings, easily enough for a spot in the Fall Major, and with a good seeding spot to boot.

Fall Major contenders

With the end of regional 3, we now know who qualified for the RLCSX Fall Major, which takes place Oct. 17-24. Despite a win for RV this week there was no way anyone would overtake Team BDS’ two consecutive regional wins. With a $100,000 prize pool and a hefty chunk of points to earn, sixteen European teams will battle for the first-ever RLCS Major. With fifteen spots from the regionals, it means that the winner of the weekly tournament series, the Grid, also gets a spot. However, with the final week coming up, it is already known that a qualified team (likely RV) will end up first in the Grid rankings, and so the extra spot shifts to the sixteenth place finisher in the rankings, Triple Trouble.

RLCSX Standing EU RLCS Reg 3
Next week, the RLCSX Regional 3 for North America will take place. Like EU this week, it will run from Thursday through Sunday, rather than be spread over two weekends, in order to make time for the Majors running throughout October. Don’t miss it on Twitch or YouTube.