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It’s done and dusted! RLCS7 has finished in tremendous fashion with an absolute master class by Renault Vitality. Consisting of Alex “Kaydop” Courant, Victor “Fairy Peak” Locquet, and Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson, the team had a rocky day two, but they only got better as the tournament progressed. Now, with a 4-1 series win over G2 Esports in the Grand Final, Scrub Killa and Fairy Peak finally got to lift the trophy for the first time. Kaydop, on the other hand, made it absolutely indisputable that he’s the best 3v3 player of all time with five RLCS Grand Finals in a row and three wins. He joins former teammate Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver in that magical, three-time club.

The RLCS Grand Final

Both G2 and Renault Vitality came off hot streaks from the RLCS7 semi-finals. G2 had made quick work of Rogue with a 4-0 sweep, while Vitality had done the same to defending champions Cloud9. Both teams looked absolutely undefeatable, and the Grand Final proved as unpredictable as ever.

The first game immediately became one of the best Rocket League matches ever played. Both teams exchanged punches, but it was G2 who looked to take the win at the end. With a 2-1 score at 0:00, it only seemed a matter of time before they moved on with a win in their pocket. But RV had other ideas. Keeping the ball up for a good ten-plus seconds, RV managed to score the equalizer without dropping the ball and forced overtime. It meant a gigantic momentum shift in RV’s favor. They soon went on to take the overtime and the following two games, putting themselves on match-point. G2 was forced to reverse-sweep to keep them from claiming the title, something that’s never been done in a best-of-7 RLCS series before.

Scrub Killa forced overtime with a buzzer beater goal after tremendous effort by Team Vitality. Audio is available.

G2 was clearly rattled and didn’t know what to do with RV’s pressure. While they managed to take a game back, Vitality quickly returned to where they had left off. With a 2-0 score, they looked to cruise their way to the trophy. G2 decided otherwise. They brought the game back to 2-2 and forced OT. A single goal now separated Vitality from glory, and it was Fairy Peak of all players, who had last played (and lost) an RLCS Grand Final back in season three, who scored the title-winning goal after 52 seconds.

Renault Vitality won the RLCS7 world championship with an overtime goal by Fairy Peak. Audio is available.

Scrub Killa wins MPV of the tournament

Scrub has always been a major presence in the Rocket League scene. Having played the game and its predecessor for over half his life, thousands of fans were awaiting his entry into the RLCS. Now, a year after he turned the minimum age of 15 and at his first ever World Championship, he hoists the trophy as the MVP of the tournament. Scrub Killa played flawlessly throughout the weekend, and his defense kept his team alive time and time again. While the entire team clicked in every way, Scrub Killa was undoubtedly the most consistent throughout the weekend.

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