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British esports organization Reason Gaming has signed Super Smash Bros. Melee player Elliot “Frenzy” Grossman. This marks the team’s first foray into competitive Melee. Reason Gaming made the announcement in a tweet and in a post on their website.

In its more than ten-year history, Reason Gaming has supported players in many competitive video games. These include Smite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, and Heroes of the Storm. Additionally, the organization sponsors Street Fighter V and StarCraft II players, along with multiple streamers.

While Frenzy is Reason Gaming’s first Melee player, they are not new to competitive Super Smash Bros. altogether. Reason Gaming signed Steffan “Streakz” Noel as their first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in March. Streakz is a Fox main, ranked number 4 in England and number 31 in all of Europe.

More about Reason Gaming’s Frenzy

Reason Gaming’s Frenzy is a Falco main from Bristol County, England. He is currently ranked number 3 in the United Kingdom, behind Aaron “Professor Pro” Thomas and Adam “Setchi” Farmer. Frenzy also finished at number 14 on the European Phoenix Blue Rankings and number 76 on the global 2019 MPGR.

Frenzy began competing in Melee tournaments in 2015. Within a few years, he rose to great prominence in Europe, placing in the top 8 of European majors like Schism 2 and Awakening 2018. Also, Frenzy had his best tournament performance in the United States at Super Smash Con 2018. There, he defeated Roberto “Overtriforce” Iglesias and Jay “Drunksloth” Dahya.

Frenzy made his top 100 debut in 2019. He had wins against Professor Pro, Setchi, Daniel “Zamu” Bernstein, Michael Rollberg, and Jefferey “billybopeep” Palmer, among others. Additionally, Frenzy has had solid online results throughout 2020. This year, he has beaten players like Professor Pro, “Solobattle”, Dominik “Nicki” Kunze, Linus “Pipsqueak” Nordin, and Ville “Levingy” Miekk-oja. Frenzy will likely remain an online threat at European tournaments as Reason Gaming supports him going into 2021.