Fortnite is dropping loot llamas all over Europe!
Fortnite's Loot Llamas have started appearing all over Europe -- in the real world.

Fortnite is dropping loot llamas all over Europe!

Loot llamas have invaded Europe! Mere days ago, the now-famous Durr Burger mascot from Fortnite appeared in a California desert. After the first sighting hit Twitter, it didn’t take long for Fortnite fans to seek out answers. Multiple Twitter users, including an esports clan, made their way out to the location to inspect the cartoony object themselves. Signs around the giant burger mascot warned of a nearby anomaly. A replica police car was sitting close by as well as a peculiar gentleman handing out business cards with a phone number.

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Initially, the audio that played (after calling the number on the card) was thought to be a garbled form of the sound that is made when objects are pulled into rifts within the game. New information now informs us that the sound could be decrypted into coordinates. According to Forbes, the last coordinates translated to Paris, France.

A Loot Llamas European Vacation

Fortnite - loot llamas
Photo courtesy of GameRevolution

Now, real-life loot llamas are starting to pop up in different parts of Europe. There are a total of seven so far with sightings in Paris, Cologne, Cannes, Warsaw, Barcelona, and two in London. We still have no information about these llamas or what their correlation is to Fortnite‘s upcoming content. As Forbes has noted, fans are working eagerly to find a pattern between the Durr Burger appearance and the subsequent loot llama sightings in Europe. Some have suggested that they’ll find and break into the loot llamas to see if that produces anything.

Epic has officially announced that the next big event within Fortnite will be titled “Worlds Collide.” While objects are appearing both in-game and in real life, this marketing campaign seems to be headed toward a makeover, of sorts, to Fortnite‘s map. This theme could enable Epic to introduce all manner of fun outlandish themes and objects in the Fortnite landscape.

When do Worlds Collide?

Fortnite players won’t have to wait long to see what’s in store. As my colleague Raphael Bastek reports, Worlds Collide event is taking place on July 12th, just two days from now. Many are speculating what the event reveal may entail. Also, the contents of the Season 5 Battle pass have not be unveiled yet. But, given the theme, it’s possible we will be treated to a variety of historical items. Perhaps the anchor and stagecoach are some indications of the “worlds” that will collide within Fortnite?

Do you have any theories regarding this crazy marketing scheme Epic has put on? Does all of it point to the Worlds Collide event, or is there something bigger happening with the loot llamas? Let us know your theories or tips on the latest news in the comments. And as always, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more on Fortnite!