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Razer is leading the charge with a whole lineup of new products. We’ve got the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition controller in hand and are here to give you the lowdown ahead of PAX Aus. We were lucky enough to have the PS4 version, which is both wireless and optimized for esports. So here’s what we think.

Raiju built for comfort

Like the Razer Kraken, the Raiju is built for comfort gaming. If you’re playing a marathon, you definitely want to ensure your hands can withstand extended performance. The great thing about this controller is it’s super light and has rubberized grips for anti-slip. The rubber helps when you get all sweaty too! The controller is both wireless and wired. If you want to reduce latency between your controller and system, go for the wires. Otherwise, bluetooth is perfect for most gameplay. The Raiju works with both PlayStation 4 and PC. As such, we tried it on PC with the PS4 remote play system. It effortlessly streams your PS4 gameplay direct to your PC and the controller works like a charm.

The Raiju has a similar button layout system to the PS4 standard controller, just less wide. If you have small hands — like mine — the compact controller of the Raiju is perfect.

Button up

Gameplay is directly connected to the control you have over the game. If you have faster button clicks, you have less latency. The buttons of the Raiju are designed for tournament play and as such come with special Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons. They have tactile feedback but a soft cushioned touch. It’s a very different feel than a standard PS4 controller. There’s less “clickiness” and the buttons have a faster reaction speed. There are also programmable buttons so you can play the way you like, and you can control the sensitivity of the thumbstick.

This is definitely a controller for your collection. You can pick up the Raiju for $149.99 USD ($259.95 AUD) on the Razer store. The controller comes in Quartz Pink and Mercury White. There’s also a standard edition and a mobile version available too.

Razer broadens range further

Apart from some of the other epic products from Razer like the Blade laptop or some of the streaming gear, Razer has released the Kraken Kitty edition. It seems like fans really wanted flashy pink LED kitty headphones, so if you’re one of them, then it’s here.

If you’re thinking of a Raiju controller for playing games on stream, you’re going to need a microphone too. Continuing the streamer product line, Razer launched the emoji microphone. This is a slight update on the Razer Seiren microphone that comes with built-in emoji reactions. This microphone reacts to the words you speak. For example, if you say the word love, then a heart will show up on the microphone. This technology is a little gimmicky, but hey, if that’s what the fans want, then that’s what the fans get.

Razer at PAX Aus

Razer has confirmed their presence at PAX Australia. We’re guessing some of the products shown here like the Raiju and emoji mic will be on display for fans to try at PAX. Razer has also announced some great prize giveaways, and you can find them on booth 3220. If you don’t have your badge yet, get in quick as tickets are almost sold out! Stay tuned as we bring you more updates leading to PAX Aus this weekend.