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Have you ever wanted to change your mouse setup on the fly? What about switching out mice just to play a particular game? Well now you can, without changing mice. The new Razer Naga Pro has three swappable side panels that give you complete control over your game. But is it any good? We got our hands on the Naga Pro to find out.

Twelve button side plate

Naturally, the biggest draw card for this mouse is its three swappable side plates. This wireless mouse has three unique panel designs with various programmable buttons. One option comes with the standard two programmable side buttons. Another panel has six buttons to choose from, and the final panel has 12 buttons. TWELVE buttons! I mean what would you even do with all those buttons? Aside from being relatively difficult to press these tiny side buttons, is there anyone who can remember what each of the twelve buttons do?

What would you do with 12 buttons?

But there must be some World of Warcraft players who can picture twelve different mouse buttons. Each of the panels is designed for a specific game type. The twelve button optimizes skill rotations in games like World of WarcraftElder Scrolls Online, or Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll still need a relatively small hand or good precision to be able to accurately hit each of the tiny buttons. Oh and the best thing about the 12 side buttons; the whole plate lights up so you can easily see the numbers!

Small size

Speaking of small, the Naga Pro is slightly smaller than your average mouse. It’s a little wider, giving you a nice place to rest your ring finger. But the mouse itself is a little shorter. This might not be as ideal for those gamers with rather large hands. For me, whose hands are tiny, the Naga is perfect. The mouse fits snug into the palm of my hand, and I can move my hand easily over the twelve keys. I might often hit of the other buttons though, firing off my Inner Fire skill instead of my Spiked Armor, but oh well. I have my healer to back me up right?

Size Comparison of the Razer Naga Pro (left) against the DeathAdder Pro V2 (right).

Swappable side plates

Okay onto the other two panels. The six-button plate is designed with Battle Royale games in mind. You can easily map your items or even quick builds to these buttons. You’ve seen those crazy fast Fortnite builders right? Well, this is how they do it. They have various macros programmed to each button. With the Razer Naga Pro, you can take your Fortnite building to the next level.

As for the standard size plate, this is what most mice come with — two programmable thumb buttons. These are ideal for shooters like CS:GO or Valorant. It’s easy to map your weapon swaps or even crouching to these side buttons. So if you’re a variety gamer, this is the perfect mouse for you. Simply swap out your side panel, and you’re good to go. And I say simply, because I mean it. It’s so easy to switch our these plates. The Naga Pro is magnetic, so it’s a matter of flicking off one plate and snapping on the next one. You don’t need any accuracy or force, and you can swap the plates with just one hand.

The Razer Naga Pro mouse (left) with it’s 6-button plate (center left), 12-button plate (center right), and 2-button plate (right).

Razer Naga Pro’s other features

Just because the standard out feature of the Naga Pro is its swappable plates, doesn’t mean the Naga doesn’t have a few extra nice features. The Razer Naga Pro runs on either Bluetooth, 2.4 Ghz wireless, or standard USB. Running on battery, you’ll get about 100 hours on the wireless or 150 on the Bluetooth. If you’re like me and forget to charge your mouse half the time (who doesn’t), Razer Synapse will give you a warning saying you’re low on battery. The Naga’s Razer logo will also light up red when it’s at critically low power. Just remember to plug in if you got to this stage… oops. But don’t worry. You can always use the mouse on USB. The Naga Pro is also the perfect companion to the Razer’s new wireless keyboard, the BlackWidow V3 Pro.

If this sounds like your kind of mouse and you have smallish size hands, then we hope you’ve saved your pennies. The Naga Pro doesn’t come cheap at $149.99 USD ($269.95 AUD). If you’re a variety streamer/gamer, then you might have to get your community to start funding this one for you. Or Christmas is around the corner. Just saying. You (or your secret Santa), can grab the mouse directly from the Razer website.

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