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Game on the go with Razer Kishi

Razer recently released Razer Kishi, a universal controller for both Android and iOS. This amazing controller will transform your phone into a portable gaming device. It’s the perfect tool for any gamer on the go. We got our hands on a Kishi for Android to try out. Here’s all the goss you need to know. And remember, Christmas is around the corner, so you’ll be able to request one from Santa soon.

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Razer Kishi for Android

First thing to note about the Razer Kishi is there are two types. There’s one for Android and one for iOS. Make sure you purchase — or request — the one for the phone you have. The Android version is compatible with almost any version of Android. As long as your phone fits inside the phone space, you’re good to go.

The Kishi is such a small, simple, and compact device. Simply unpack the controller, attach it to your phone, and away you go.

It’s easy to setup and easy to use. The Kishi is plug and play so you basically attach the device and you can start using it immediately. The controller fits snug and is really comfortable and easy to use. When attached to a large Samsung Note 10+ the overall footprint is slightly bigger than the Nintendo Switch. The smaller your phone, the smaller and more compact your Kishi will feel. Larger phones however have the added benefit of a bigger screen to game on. Regardless, the Kishi fits nicely into your pocket or handbag for easy transport.

Size comparison between the Razer Kishi attached to Samsung Note 10+ Vs. Standard Nintendo Switch console.

Compatible with your Kishi

The most annoying part about using the Kishi, is finding games which are mobile controller compatible. I figured I could load up the Kishi and start playing Genshin Impact — the game everyone is talking about. However it’s not that simple. Not all mobile games are compatible with a controller. Thankfully, Razer came up with a great way for you to find games. All you need to do is download the Razer Kishi software from the Google Play Store. Once you’ve got it installed on your phone, you’ll be presented with a list of all the mobile compatible games. Choose a few you like and start playing them. I installed Asphalt 8 and gave it a crack. Even with my small hands and giant phone, I was easily able to use the controller. The controller makes it much easier to enjoy the game, drift, slide, and beat your opponents.

It’s similar to using any other controller on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. The Kishi’s buttons are tactile and light. There’s plenty of extra multi-functional buttons, but most games just utilize the left thumb stick and right pad. Plenty of games make use of the extra trigger buttons. This makes it feel like you’re playing on console without spending the extra dollars.

And one of the best things about the Kishi is you never need to charge it! The Kishi runs on your phone’s power, and there’s even an external charging port, letting you charge your phone while you play. Like a lot of mobile devices these days, if you want headset sound, you’ll need to use a Bluetooth headset. Grab the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless for amazing sound quality.

Grab the Kishi today

Speaking of spending money, if you want console-like gameplay while you’re on the move you won’t have to fork out too much cash. The Razer Kishi is $79.99 USD ($149.95 AUD) for the Android edition and $99.99 USD ($189.95 AUD) for the iPhone edition. Just head over to the Razer website to pick one up today. Or you can totally add it to your Christmas wish list. Just make sure you ask for the right edition!

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