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The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless headphones have arrived. Building on from the wired Hammerhead, these earbuds are the perfect addition for any gamer on the go. We got our hands on a pair and gave them a whirl. Here’s what we thought.

Hammerhead for gaming on the go

First up these earbuds are small. They are compact, lightweight, and super easy to setup. Straight out of the box, they come with a bit of charge. It’s best to fully charge them before starting to pair the earbuds to anything. Since these pair via bluetooth, you can can use them with any bluetooth compatible device. Yep, that means laptops, phones, and gaming consoles. I tried these out on one of the Razer Blade laptops. All I needed to do was open up the bluetooth/audio settings and connect the headphones. They paired up instantly and I could start using them right away.

Hammerhead earbuds

Putting the Hammerhead True Wireless to the test

I thought I would put these to the test right off the bat. After pairing up the earbuds, I decided to do a two and a half hour cooking stream. I used the earbuds for both the microphone and as sound for myself. The audio quality on the microphone was amazing. The Razer Hammerhead True wireless picked up my voice with ease. My voice was crystal clear and even some of the background sounds were filtered out. Yes you can hear things like the mix master going, but my voice is definitely the defining piece of audio.

Razer Hammerhead earbuds
Trying out the Hammerhead True Wireless with the Razer Blade Stealth laptop

As for hearing sound, it was perfect. Even with all the other sounds in the kitchen, I could easily hear what was coming from the laptop. Plus the Hammerhead earbuds didn’t drop sound once. As I moved around the kitchen and the rest of the house, they easily stayed paired. Clear, sharp audio consistently came through the earbuds. After the end of the stream there was still plenty of charge left in them. You can tell by the green indicator light on the earbud cradle. They’re said to last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Plenty of time for streaming or gaming.

More testing

Once I was done with the cooking stream, I tested them out with video calls on my phone, as well as playing some games on my Android device. As far as sound these are awesome. One of the things I really focus on when using earbuds is how much they move in your ear. Wireless is designed so the user can move around whilst using them. Whether you’re gaming on the go, doing some IRL streaming, or jumping around in VR. It’s important the earbuds don’t move. After a two and a half hour stream the earbuds hadn’t moved even a millimetre. They were also still comfortable to wear. The size fit is very comfy and snug. In terms of portability and ease of use, the True Wireless has set the bar high.

If you want to listen the the audio quality on the microphone, watch my IRL cooking stream featuring the Hammerhead True Wireless.

Hammerhead earbuds additional features

Like all cool tech products, there’s a few little features which really make these earbuds. The Razer True Wireless are easy to charge. Simply connect to any USB C cable with the earbuds in their cradle and you’ll be charging. They also come with additional silicon earbud coverings. These are are really delicate, and they break super easily. If you’re planning on using these for extra comfort you’ll need to be very careful. Their small size, even in the cradle makes them ideal for travelling around. Slip them into your pocket whilst you’re on public transport or pop them in your bag while you’re out and about.

Hammerhead earbuds
Pair the earbuds with any bluetooth compatible device

Finally, the earbud case comes with a neat little strap which is perfect for stringing onto your backpack whilst on the go. If you want to read up on all the juicy tech specs, check out the Razer website. Overall, these earbuds are definitely leagues ahead of similar products on the market. I also love their small compact and discrete size.

Okay, so they sound pretty good, but what’s the catch. Well, the catch is they’ll cost you a bit of money. At $99.99 USD ($166.95 AUD) they cost more than a full sized headset like the Razer Kraken, and the same amount as something like the BlackShark V2. But, if you don’t have any on-the-go audio, this is a great solution.

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