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Razer Blackshark V2 with THX Spatial Audio Game Profiles is here

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The new Razer Blackshark V2 is here. Redesigned from the original Blackshark back in 2012. The new Blackshark now features THX Spatial Audio with brand new Game Profiles. There’s two Blacksharks for you to choose from. Go for the Blackshark V2 for the full experience, or there’s the Blackshark V2 X for the price conscious gamer. We got our hands on the Blackshark V2 to give you all the low down on Razer’s latest headset.

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Designed for comfort

Out of the box, the Blackshark V2 looks sleek and minimalist. It doesn’t have the bulky form of the Kraken or the Nari. You’ll also find the classic Razer stickers in the box as well as some other nice features. There’s the removable microphone and USB sound card (only available in the more expensive version). The headset also comes with a cute felt bag making it perfect for traveling.

What’s in the box.

Picking up the headset for the first time, I really noticed the weight difference. This headset is super lightweight! And the numbers tell the story. Weighing in at only 262 grams (roughly half a pound), it’s one of the lightest on the market. It’s also really soft and squishy! Razer describes it as “plush.” Comfort is really one of my top selling points in a headset. If you’re gaming for hours, you want something that feels good. I wore the Blackshark for five hours one night playing Fortnite, and then again for another seven hours playing Minion Masters. I can definitely say it hits the mark as far as comfort goes. Plus the adjustable headband will fit anyone, even my tiny head.

If comfort is your thing, then you’ll want to look at the more expensive Blackshark V2. The V2 X only has leather-like ear cups, whereas the V2 features the beautiful “FlowKnit” fabric. This fabric is ultra soft and breathable with memory foam ear cups. If you value comfort, it’s worth the extra dollars.

Sleek, minimalist, and super comfortable.

“Better than 7.1” surround sound audio

The Razer BlackShark V2 is set to be the pinnacle of gaming headset as far as the audio goes. Razer has fully redesigned the audio driver. Unlike most headsets, the Blackshark features three titanium audio drivers. These are meant to tune each of the different sound frequencies: low, mid, and high. Essentially it’s supposed to better tune sound to make gaming feel more realistic. The only way to really know is to put the Blackshark to the test.

When you first open Apex Legends, you’ll instantly notice a difference. The sound is much clearer at each frequency and it has a softer sound curve. There’s no sharp changes when listening to sound at different frequencies, and it feels like you’re much more immersed in the game. Even with Fortnite running, I could hear the sweet sparkling sound of a chest and pinpoint its location much more easily than I previously had.

While the headset isn’t full noise-canceling, the cushion seals on the ear cups block out a lot of external sound. The neat little dial on the left side of the headset makes it easy to change the volume on the fly. But that’s not the only reason the sound is so good. The Blackshark V2 X also comes with surround sound. But if you pay the extra to upgrade to the Blackshark V2, you’ll have the addition of THX® Spatial Audio.

Audio dial and beautiful Razer logo on the side.

THX® Spatial Audio’s new Game Profiles feature

THX® Spatial Audio has been a feature in many of Razer’s headphones, just like the Razer Kraken Ultimate. This is the first time however Razer is launching a new type of software system. It’s the THX® Spatial Audio Game Profiles. Now you can simply select which game you’re playing and Game Profiles will do the rest. You’ll hear the right sounds and at the right time, from the correct side, and distance. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, check out this clip. The front half of the video is with THX® Spatial Audio off. The next is with it on. You’ll notice the difference in clarity and distance of objects.

Game Profiles available with Blackshark V2

There’s already a bunch of games included in the Game Profiles. Some popular titles include Apex LegendsBattlefield 1Call of DutyFinal Fantasy XI, Valorant. Games like Fortnite are coming soon. For the full list of all 18 games currently available, check the THX website.

These new Game Profiles are available only on the Razer Blackshark V2, not the V2 X. You can only use this new feature on Windows 10. You can use it on any Razer headset with THX® Spatial Audio. If you want this experience with the Blackshark V2, then you’ll need to choose the more expensive model. Unlike the V2 X, the V2 comes with the USB Sound Card which enables the THX® Spatial Audio. The sound card also gives you the option to adjust the microphone more accurately. You’ll have more control to filter out unwanted sounds. If you’re a content creator, this probably doesn’t matter to you, as you’ll probably be using a separate microphone. But if you’re a hardcore gamer, then this little sound card could be the difference between a win and a loss.

This small sound card is certainly worth the upgrade if you have the cash.

Get the Blackshark V2 now

Like the sound of this epic wired headset? Then grab it today. For what it is, and all the features it has, the Blackshark is very reasonably priced. The Blackshark V2 X comes in at only $59.99 USD ($104.95 AUD). But as we mentioned, for the extra dollars, it’s worth upgrading to the Blackshark V2 for $99.99 USD ($174.95 AUD) if you have the cash. The Blackshark has a 3.5 mm audio jack, meaning you can use it on anything with an AUX output. That’s right, it’s compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and many mobile devices. Head over to the Razer website to grab yours today.

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