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With BlizzCon 2018 going on as we speak, we got the first glimpse of the 10th Hearthstone expansion. Introducing Rastakhan’s Rumble!

The expansion will be based around Trolls, pirates, and gods. The Rastakhan rumble expansion will feature the regions of Rastakhan and the Gurubashi Arena. The new expansion will have two new legendaries for each class, as well as numerous other legendary cards playable for every class, one Loa, a type of god card in the lore, and one regular class legendary card.

New Card Introduction

The first of the new “Loa” cards is Shirvallah, the Tiger: Hearthstone’s 25 mana legendary beast. To lower the cost of Shirvallah, you will need to spend mana crystals on spells which seems quite difficult at a first glance.

Among the other cards shown are Sharkfin Fan and Spirit of the Shark. The new cards show us all sorts of new effects for us to play around with. Sharkfin Fan’s effect may seem weak at first but actually might be quite good. With Warrior having a lot of forgotten weapon cards, this might be the start of Pirate Warrior’s return into the meta.


Stealth is a mechanic Hearthstone has long tried to avoid printing more cards for. Spirit of the Shark, however, is very exciting from a deckbuilding perspective. This card has so many possibilities synergy in the wild format. With a card such as Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil, this card could well see play in the standard format as well with staple cards such as SI:7 Agent or Vilespine Slayer.


The final new mechanic that was shown today was Overkill. Overkill effects come into play if you deal more damage to a target than the life points they have. The example for this mechanic shown was Sul’thraze. Sul’traze’s overkill effect allows you to swing another time with your weapon. Synergy with the warrior class cards is incredible as this could allow you to clear the entire board at cost of your life total.

Dungeon Run Returns!

This expansion will also be the release of the new set of dungeon run bosses. Rumble run will work similarly to the Dungeon runs you know and love, but with some twists. Introduced this time are Shrines. Shrines will be options you get to choose from, which will be minions or effects that will come into play at the start of the game.

Rastakhan Pre-Purchase Bundles

This time around the pre-purchase bundle’s options is much smaller. The first bundle is the “Challenger” Bundle: 17 packs and a new card back for $19.99. The main pre-order bundle this time around is the Rastakhan’s Rumble, which has 50 card packs, the card back, and the new shaman hero King Rastakhan for $49.99.

We will continue to get you the latest on the Rastakhan Rumble as we learn more about it. For more of our BlizzCon Coverage check out the new Heroes of the Storm Hero, Oprhea. Or are you more into Overwatch and want to learn more about the 29th Hero, Ashe?