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The Call of Duty League released a new community update on Thursday, written by general manager Daniel Tsay. The update directly addressed Activision’s decision to delay the start of Season 2 in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. According to the publishers, there are too many issues in Vanguard to launch an entirely new season full of content. However, Sledgehammer Games did try to alleviate some of the game’s problems with a game update.

In the CDL community update, Tsay goes over some important details regarding the start of the 2022 season and competitive implementations in Vanguard. This includes confirming the release date of Ranked Play and making an announcement about CDL team skins. Fans can read the entire community update on the CDL’s website or read below for a quick synopsis.

Ranked Play’s arrival in Vanguard

The CDL didn’t offer much in terms of describing Ranked Play in Vanguard. However, it did confirm that it will arrive with the start of Season 2, which is currently slated for Feb. 14. The update says: “Ranked Play is planned to roll out alongside new Call of Duty: Vanguard game content in February.” Season 2 is set to introduce at least one to two maps and weapons, which is the game content the statement refers to.

Parts of Ranked Play’s system in Vanguard have been leaked previously, but there’s been no official news as to how it will work. Fans will likely find out when the Season 2 update drops in mid-February.

CDL team skins delayed

The last bit of information given by the CDL in their community update is that official team skins will not arrive in Vanguard until after the 2022 season begins. This is due to the delay of Season 2 and the skins won’t release until “later in February.” The CDL did confirm that the skins will come in packs as they have in previous years. Fans can expect a weapon blueprint, Operator skins and other cosmetics relating to the team they buy the pack for. A price is not yet known for each individual team pack.

The CDL begins its 2022 season with the Kickoff Classic tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 21.

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