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LLA team Rainbow7 has made it to the Play-In stage for Worlds, and they’re working hard before the big day. Ever since arriving in Shanghai, the R7 players have been practicing nonstop while playing with other regions. There may very well be good enough to get out of Play-Ins this year, especially with how quickly they’re ranking up. For example, Rainbow7’s Shadow reached the title of Grandmaster.

Rainbow7 players ranking to the top

R7’s Support, Facundo “Shadow” Cuello has recently played a string of games with his duo, R7 Jungler Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas. These games were a mix of losses and wins, but League fans can’t deny that Shadow is good at the game. The official Rainbow7 Twitter account recently announced that Shadow finally reached Grandmaster rank on China’s super server SoloQ list. This means that he’s now ranked higher than any of the other participating Worlds players. This is a huge achievement and proves how dedicated he is to carry his team out of Play-Ins.

At the moment, there’s no information on the accounts of the other R7 teammates. R7 stated that Emmanuel “Acce” Juárez and Francisco “Leza” Barragán prefer to keep their account names private. Josedeodo attempted to search his username on stream, only to find that it doesn’t exist. He jokingly followed up saying, “Well, I’ve lost track of him.”

Both Josedeodo and Shadow reached Master rank a few days ago, with Joseodeodo stating that he can finally sleep. He’s also been streaming his games, showing matches between other pro LoL players.

On the other side of the team, R7 Mid laner Tomás “Aloned” Díaz Valiente has found it difficult to climb in SoloQ. He then shared a screencap of his ranked losses as Qiyana.

R7 will be joining the rest of the regions for Play-Ins on Friday, September 25. They’ll be representing the LLA and their home country, Mexico. Argentina-based LoL team Isurus Gaming participated in Worlds 2019, but lost to Hong Kong Attitude, which prevented them from promotion to Groups. R7’s attitude is promising, and hopefully, they can continue the good work when the official games begin.