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The final day of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 9 Finals has come to a conclusion. Fans of the tactical shooter were treated to an amazing day of Siege action. Not only was a new champion crowned, but the new update, “Operation Phantom Sight,” was officially revealed at last. For a recap of the first day, check out this article.

Operation Phantom Sight

Over the past few weeks, Siege fanatics have been teased about the new operators through sly Reddit leaks and official Ubisoft teases alike. Finally, we now have a look at the two new playable operators, Nøkk and Warden, coming up in Operation Phantom Sight. Both of these new operators change how players view the game, literally.

First off is Nøkk of the Danish Jægerkorpset, an attacker with her HEL Presence Reduction gadget. This ghostly operator has the ability to appear invisible to surveillance and reduce the sound she makes. Check out more details in the video below:

On the other hand, we have the well-groomed Secret Service agent, Warden. This slick defender utilizes Glance Smart Glasses that allow sight through smoke and immunity from flash equipment. A full breakdown is in the video below:

As well as the new operation, it was revealed that the finals of Siege‘s Pro League Season 10 will take place in Nagoya, Japan.

Four becomes two

The first matchup of championship Sunday was the meeting of two worlds. Team Empire went head-to-head with the top-dogs of Australia in FNATIC. While Team Empire’s recent rise to fame put them as favorites, the boys from Down Under weren’t going home without a fight.

While they had a great start to the first map, FNATIC fell to the Russian Machine shifting into gear. However, FNATIC stopped that momentum quickly in the next map with an impressive but unexpected 7 – 3. Now one step closer, FNATIC went into the third map with explosive energy. Alas, FNATIC would run out of steam in the end, while the Russian Machine kept chugging on strong. Team Empire turned around and dished out a dominating 7 – 0 to secure themselves a spot in the finals.

Rainbow Six Siege Evil Geniuses
Credit: Rainbow Six Esports

The second series saw Evil Geniuses fighting to regain their former glory and FaZe Clan looking to finally cement themselves. The two maps were close, with the last map in overtime. It was a back and forth slugfest, with the two teams seemingly matching up against each other. In classic Evil Geniuses fashion, however, the boys in blue found their footing and managed to close out both the maps and the series 2 – 0. This ensured them a matchup against the Russian Machine in the finals.

An undisputed second best Siege team

Thus, the final stage was set as a Cold War battle: America’s finest versus the Russian Machine for the title of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 9 champions. This was Team Empire’s best shot for claiming a title in the absence of the monsters of G2 Esports. For Evil Geniuses, this was their shot at redemption after more than a year of disappointment.

Rainbow Six Siege
Credit: Rainbow Six Esports

Evil Geniuses had a strong start, taking map one in a comfortable fashion, 7 – 5. This was the start they needed, as Evil Geniuses are a very momentum-based team. Team Empire responded back, though, stoic as ever in the face of failure. Despite Evil Geniuses taking an early lead in map two, Team Empire came screaming back to win the map in overtime.

The start of the third map didn’t fare any better for #BleedBlue fans. Going down 1 – 5 in the first half of the map, Evil Geniuses suddenly found their second wind mounting an unbelievable string of rounds. Evil Geniuses were starting to get the important picks and assert map control. Unfortunately, this was not enough. A final, decisive round ten saw a flurry of kills go in favor of Team Empire.

Rainbow Six Siege
Credit: Rainbow Six Esports

With this victory, Team Empire have cemented themselves as the undisputed second best team in the world. The title of world’s best still belongs to their European rivals, Six Invitational 2019 winners G2 Esports. For now, however, Team Empire can enjoy their rags to riches story truly coming to fruition.

This marks the end of Season 9 of Rainbow Six Siege esports, but the year is far from over. With the next Major and the start of Season 10 over the horizon, you’ll want to stay tuned here on Daily Esports.

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